James Goll Prophesies Trump Will Appoint a Third, Female Supreme Court Justice: 'She Will Be a Modern-Day Esther'

7:00PM 9/25/2019

James Goll, president of God Encounters Ministries, says God told him in a prophetic dream that U.S. President Donald Trump will appoint a third Supreme Court justice that will be a pro-life woman who will become "a modern-day Esther." In a recently posted video, Goll tells Jim and Lori Bakker on The Jim Bakker Show that he received this dream about "a year and a half to two years ago." (Goll says the primary way God speaks to him is through dreams, visions and visitations.)

Goll says, "After there was the first replacement, which was a righteous judge that President Trump appointed to the court"—The Jim Bakker Show flashed an image of Neil Gorsuch here—"then there was the big battle with [Brett] Kavanaugh's appointment, and many were uncertain or they were going, 'Yes, this is right in this thing.' So I went before the Lord, asking God, 'What's your plan?' That night, the Lord visited me, and I heard the following."

After qualifying that he only hears, knows and prophesies in part, Goll says, "I heard from the Lord: 'President Trump is appointed to put in place three new judges to the Supreme Court.' And He spoke to me about Kavanaugh, that he was critical. It would be one of the greatest fights and spiritual warfare over an appointment for the Supreme Court that we've ever had in history, but it would go through. But there would be a third appointee that President Trump is assigned to bring. He told me it would be a woman. She will be a modern-day Esther. She will stand strong for pro-life, and she will help for the future to return the court—this is what I heard from the Lord—to true constitutional conservatism."

Goll says the Holy Spirit told him which justice will resign and be replaced by Trump, but said he would not say the name of this individual on-air.

"I know who is supposed to resign," Goll says. "The Holy Spirit spoke to me that if this justice—He's going to give this particular justice time to repent. I know who it is. He told me by name. I'm not going to say by air the name of the person. I think you can figure it out. But He told me He was going to give time for this particular justice to repent, to come to the Lord. And if they don't, they will be removed. The Lord is going to create a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Is it going to be in this term or the next one? My belief is that this person is going to hang on, hang on and try to hang on into the next administration, hoping that President Trump is not reelected, but God's got a trump card, and there is going to be a woman who is going to be appointed, and she will be an Esther."

Click the video above to hear Goll's prophetic word.

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