John Bevere: Why People Can Get Healed, Delivered and Still End Up in Hell Forever

7:00AM 9/24/2019 Jenny Rose Spaudo

John Bevere brought a heartfelt word of repentance as he preached Thursday night for the Catch the Fire 2019 conference in Toronto, Canada. The Catch the Fire Toronto's annual conference, led by Steve and Sandra Long, takes place from Sept. 18-21 this year.

During his sermon, Bevere played a video showing a husband and wife enjoying a romantic dinner at a luxurious restaurant. But soon, several of the wife's current boyfriends showed up to join the couple for dinner. The husband was, of course, outraged, but the wife didn't understand why he was jealous.

Bevere says too many Christians live like that—telling Jesus He is their favorite while stubbornly holding onto sinful addictions. Bevere didn't understand the gravity of having other loves until the Holy Spirit spoke to him one night.

"The Holy Spirit said to me, 'Son, your prayers are off-target,'" Bevere says. "I'm like, What? OK, this has got to be the devil. I'm praying that souls would get saved, people would get healed, get delivered. That can't be God [speaking to me.] And then He said this to me ... 'Son, you can win souls to Jesus, get people healed, get people delivered, and they end up in hell forever.'

"Then He said to me—and it wasn't in a firm voice; it was in a pleading voice—He said, 'Son, Judas left everything behind to follow Me for three and a half years. Judas healed the sick in My name. Judas got people delivered in My name. Judas preached repentance in My name.

"Judas is in hell forever.'"

Watch the video to see more.

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