Sid Roth: Thousands of Jews Will Be Radically Saved at Pentecost

12:00PM 6/10/2019

In a video posted Monday, Sid Roth says that thousands of Jewish people will come to salvation in Jesus Christ over Pentecost, which will ultimately trigger the Second Coming of Christ. Most of the video features Roth explaining the significance of Sabbath and the Jewish Feast of Weeks from a Messianic context. But halfway through, Roth begins speaking of events yet to come.

Referencing Peter leaving the Upper Room and preaching in Acts 2, Roth says, "I've had meetings with Jewish people, unbelievers, where 2,000 come in. One thousand come in. But I haven't had 3,000 yet. But I tell you, my faith is that this Pentecost, we're going to have the glory work on us, say multiple thousands of Jews and non-Jews alike coming to know the Lord."

Roth later discussed a prophetic word shared with him about the Lion of Judah.

"I had a prophecy a few months back, and there was a line that was roaring, and the prophet said I was trembling when I heard that roar. Why was he trembling? I tell you, the whole world trembles when the Lion of Judah—that's Jesus—roars. ... The lion is going to roar this Pentecost over you and your house. I mean, your whole house."

Roth concluded by linking these prophetic words to the Second Coming of Christ.

"[Jewish people] are going to get radically saved. They're going to preach the gospel to tens of thousands of Gentiles, and then Jesus is going to return. This is the fullness of Pentecost on you and your house."

As the video was uploaded on June 10—one day after Passover in the United States—it is unclear whether Roth is specifically predicting Passover 2019 will fulfill these prophetic words or if he is declaring it for 2020.

Watch the full video here.

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