What Many Famous Word of Faith Preachers Misunderstand About Rhema Words

12:00PM 5/31/2019

On a recent episode of his radio show, "The Line of Fire," Dr. Michael Brown debunked a popular misconception that rhema words are when God illuminates or speaks the word to an individual.

Responding to a caller asking about that, Brown said, "That's a very famous misconception popularized by some of the best-known word of faith teachers. They may be something to the concept they're after, but no, rhema and logos are used quite interchangeably in the Bible. If you'll just go through the New Testament and search for rhema and search for logos, you'll find they're used quite interchangeably and can both speak of the written word as well as communication and other forms. So no—faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word—it doesn't mean only getting revelation or the spoken word or the so-called revelation word or rhema word. It's a common phrase we use, but it's not based in Scripture."

Watch the video to hear the caller's full question and Brown's full response.

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