Shawn Bolz: Why Others May Be Experiencing More of God's Favor Than You

7:00AM 5/13/2019

Shawn Bolz says that God's favor will always accompany intimacy with God, but it may not come the way you expect it. In this video, Bolz tells the story of giving counsel to a woman who was frustrated because her non-Christian friend was experiencing significantly more favor in her Hollywood career than her. She wondered why God was not producing the same results in her life.

"I just think not having favor is not an option when you're walking in intimacy with God," Bolz says. "If you're walking with intimacy with God, you're going to have favor. ... The hard part is your favor doesn't come in ways that you would predict or anticipate or choose. Meaning your process is so different. I hear this from Christians all the time who will come up and they'll complain to me, ... and [I'll say], 'Have you surrendered your life to Jesus?' 'Well, yes.' 'Then you surrendered your process to Jesus which means He is doing something glorious inside of you that you can't guide, predict or be in control of.' ... If you're surrendering to Jesus, the type of success that people will see through your life will be something that you can have never performed."

Watch the full video clip here.

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