What the Numbers in Your Prophetic Dreams Signify

7:00PM 5/9/2019

Streams Ministries' John E. Thomas says specific numbers in dreams can often correlate to specific meanings and interpretations. In a recent video, Thomas offers guidelines for dream interpretation when it comes to decoding numbers.

"One of the things in dream interpretation is understanding what different elements mean," Thomas says. "Now, we're very careful at Streams to avoid interpretive legalism, meaning 'This always means this.' But there are certain patterns that we recognize, that certain things often mean the same things. Numbers is one example."

Thomas then goes over common meanings behind numbers in dreams, offering reasonings based on Scripture along the way. The number one often symbolizes unity and God. The number three often represents the fullness of God or the Trinity. Four refers to creativity or "the created order." Five often corresponds to grace, Thomas says, based on the fivefold ministry referenced in Ephesians 4. Six is the number of man, and seven represents fullness, completeness or perfection.

To hear even more numbers explained, watch the full video.

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