Robert Morris: How Satan Tricks Normal Believers Into Acting Satanically

7:00PM 3/29/2019

Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris says that when believers act arrogantly and walk in pride, they become satanic like Satan. In a sermon video clip, Morris says, "Please hear me. Pride was the original sin by which Satan fell. I'm going to make a pretty strong statement here. You are the most like Satan when you walk in pride. Another way to say it—and again this is going to be strong, but I'm just using grammar here, but this word is pretty strong—but it is satanic, which means like Satan. That's all it means, but we know that's a strong word. It's satanic to be prideful. You're the most like God when you walk in humility."

Morris also adds that Satan uses lies and deception to lure Christians into spiritual bondage.

"The only way Satan can take you into bondage, the only way, is to get you to believe a lie," Morris says. "That's it. If it's going to happen in your marriage, he's going to tell you that you're not right for each other. You're not meant for each other. You rushed into it. ... If he's going to take you into bondage, he's going to deceive you, and the way he deceives is he lies."

Watch the full video clip here to hear Morris' preaching for yourself.

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