Bible Scholars: The Word 'Elohim' Can Refer to God—But Also to Angels and Demons

7:00AM 3/5/2019

Did you know "elohim" is not simply the Hebrew word for God, but a title that encompasses all spiritual beings? Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, the scholars behind The Bible Project explain this phrase, and how the Bible can refer to so many entities by this title while also being very clear when it's talking about God. They compare it to the English word "mom," which can be used contextually to refer to any mother or a specific mother: "The word 'mom' can refer to lots of really different kinds of people, but they all share in common the same role in a family."

Mackie and Collins also point out this is why people in Scripture say things like "Yahweh is the elohim of elohim," or the chief spiritual being of all spiritual beings, "because only He is the ruler and creator of all things." Watch the full video explanation here, presented with beautiful animation.

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