Why Christians Need to Stop Saying 'God Told Me You're My Future Husband/Wife'

7:00AM 2/26/2019

Christian speaker and artist Joseph Solomon says Christian young adults need to stop claiming that God has told them a certain person they're attracted to is their future spouse. Usually, Solomon says, that's the result of normal human attraction being attributed to divine will. But Solomon says it's important to "stop putting words in God's mouth. God didn't tell you that."

For those who are still not convinced or still believe God told them otherwise, Solomon has three reasons not to make such claims. First, many times these alleged prophetic words contradict what other people (maybe even the subject of this prophecy) are hearing from God. Second, even if someone sincerely believes God has said this, telling the other person about this will only make the situation more uncomfortable. Finally, these claims are often made flippantly—and claims about what God has said should never be made flippantly.

Instead, Solomon recommends remembering this moment—and saving it as a cool story to share after the wedding ceremony: "If y'all do end up getting married, you can be like, 'Man, I really think I heard from the Lord on this.' And if it doesn't work out, then you can use this as a great learning opportunity to refine how you hear from God. You can do all of this without putting words in God's mouth or misleading others."

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