The 6-Word Prophecy That Sobered Up a 14-Year-Old Homeless Girl and Transformed Her Into a Minister

7:00AM 8/24/2018

Rhona Mahl was 14, pregnant, high and stumbling down the streets when the Spirit of the Lord spoke clearly to her: "This baby is not going anywhere." That six-word prophecy changed Mahl's life. The woman who once traded her body for food and love is now on the warpath for the gospel and disrupting the enemy's agenda.

"Specifically for youth, we have a window of opportunity before they become chronically homeless," Mahl tells Charisma News. "We're breaking that cycle of poverty, that kind of thinking that they are not worth more than a cardboard box, and instead, we're giving them a healthy community where churches wrap their arms around [our group] homes, bring kids in, give them a new identity, the original identity that God has given to them, not who the world says they are."

When a child turns to the streets, he or she finds community in a gang or street family. They receive a street name and will take bullets for each other. It's a warped model of the community the Lord has called us to.

"That stronghold is where the enemy has created a counterfeit reduced system where these kids can find belonging and purpose, but it's all a lie, and they've completely bought into the lie the enemy created," Mahl says.

That's why Mahl has Braking Cycles, a coffee and bicycle shop where anyone who comes in is greeted with love and reminded they have worth. Watch the video to see her amazing story.

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