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FIRST LISTEN: Powerful New Worship Single Hits Radio Next Month

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This Pentecostal Pastor Identified 'the Classic Missionary Mistake.' Now He's Succeeding by Doing the Opposite.

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Murdered 2-Year-Old Raised From the Dead

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4 Supernatural Strategies Mature Christians Use to Fight Demonic Attacks

Chris Tomlin Leads Thousands in Total Surrender to God

Beth Moore: The Most Important Question the Holy Spirit Can Ask You

Hillsong Celebrates Mountain-Moving Power of God

WATCH: Oral Roberts Tells Benny Hinn the Most Incredible Miracles He's Ever Seen

Joyce Meyer: If Your Friends and Family Do This, They Don't Really Love You

Married Christian Singers Blend Old and New in Stunning Worship Mashup

Pastor: Why Prayer, Not Guns, Should Be Your Weapon of Choice

New 'I Can Only Imagine' Trailer Promises to Bring Heaven to Hollywood

Randy Clark: The Power of Praying Like Abraham

Have You Had This Strange Recurring Dream?

Kari Jobe Shares the Heart Behind One of Her Most Famous Songs

Why You Shouldn't Call Bible Characters 'Good Guys' or 'Bad Guys'

Chuck Pierce, Hank Kunneman and Rich Vera Issue Urgent 2018 Prophetic Alert

Christian Singer Transforms Sensual Radio Hit Into Spirit-Filled Worship Song

Is Prostitution a Choice?

How This Wholesome Family Film Became the One of the Best-Reviewed Movies in History

Animated Video Challenges Christians, 'Are We Telling the Gospel Wrong?'

Pastor Says Jesus Would Call These People Fools

Millennial Worship Team's Piano Ode to God's Faithfulness Will Amaze You

Wanted: Spiritual Mothers and Fathers for the Upcoming 1 Billion Soul Harvest

Why a Christian Woman Had an Abortion

Top Tech Firms Building Robots With a Billion Times the Brain Power of Humans

Married Man Ran Off With Prophetess From Church—But Then God Saved His Marriage

The Simple Secret to Growing in Spiritual Authority

Prophetic Word: 2018 Will Be the 'Year of Death' in U.S. for False Prophets and Lukewarm Christians

John Bevere: This Deception Will Fool Many Christians in the Last Days

Mandisa, TobyMac, Kirk Franklin Unite for Racial Unity Anthem

Why This 'Sex and the City' Actor Will Now Star in 'God's Not Dead'

Acts 29 Pastor: Why You Can Join a Church You Theologically Disagree With

How the Radical Love of Christ Saved One Teen From Homosexuality

Woman Says Witches Snatched Her Out of Bethel Church to Perform Ritual Satanic Abuse

Why Christians Should Skip Hollywood's Latest Blockbuster

FIRST LISTEN: New Chris Tomlin Song Declares 'Resurrection Power' for New Year

The 5-Word Question That Makes Miracles Happen

'Save the Outrage' Over H&M's Scandal—and Get Mad About This Instead

Spirit-Led Filmmaker Releases Never-Before-Seen Video of Bethel's Glory Cloud

If You Want to Save Souls, You Need to Give Up This Old 2017 Pattern

Why is Steven Furtick Climbing the iTunes Music Charts?

Bethel Leader: We Need 'Watchmen on the Wall' Who Heal the Sick and Perform Miracles

Did You Know Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. Were Friends?

Grammy Nominee Sings Hallelujah, Honors the 'Blood of Jesus Christ'

Jack Hayford Speaks a Word of Biblical Unity Into These Polarized Times

Why the Body of Christ Desperately Needs More Teachers

Spirit-Filled Pastors Reveal Their Heartbreaking Struggle With Infertility

Singer Declares Powerful Holy Spirit Message About God's Faithfulness

The Secret Connection Between 'Lord of the Rings' and the Book of Jonah

Christine Caine Urges a Generation to 'Rise Up' Against This Demonic Stronghold

Tim Hawkins Issues a Hilarious Challenge to Worship Leaders

Tony Evans: Work Smarter, Not Harder, for the Kingdom

Jentezen Franklin: The Number One Thing You Can Do to Stand With Israel

In New 'God's Not Dead,' Tragedy Strikes Small-Town Church

FIRST LISTEN: TobyMac Debuts Hip, Modern Sound in New Single

Prophet: How to Seize Divine Opportunities As We Enter the End Times

Samuel Rodriguez Offers a Prophetic Word for the Brokenhearted

AG Pastor Says Church Is at 'War'—and We Can't Just Pray Our Way Out

Stunning 'Be Thou My Vision' Cover Will Blow You Away

Heidi Baker Prophesies to Witch Doctor, Gets Him Saved and Healed

Former Lesbian Abandons LGBT Lifestyle to Pursue Christ

Why This New Year's Word From the Lord Is for You

What Some Christians Falsely Believe the 'Image of God' Means

Matt Redman Shares the Real Story Behind His Christian Worship Megahit

My Conversation With a 'Transgender Evangelical'

Joyce Meyer: How God Restored Me After Sexual Abuse

Rockers Declare 1 John 1:9 Truth Live in Concert

Jackie Hill-Perry: 5 Reasons Christians Need to Laugh More

Mike Bickle: Don't Let Your Faith Become Rooted in Any Human Leader

How Hollywood Finally Got It Right With the New 'Samson' Movie

MercyMe Releases Touching Love Song About the Holy Spirit

How to Make Your Decisions From a Blessing Mindset

Francis Chan: My Church Saved 100 People—and That's a Failure

After Finding Jesus, Crooked Cop Reconciles With the Man He Framed

Why Bethel's Youth Pastor Used to Hate Youth Ministry

This Short Teaching Will Revolutionize How You See the Spiritual Realm

You Don't Want Revival, Do You?

John Crist Puts Hilarious Christian Spin on Secular Ear Worm

'I Died—And Found Myself Between Heaven and Hell'

Pastor Stuns Congregation by Breaking Out in Song During Sermon

TobyMac Kicks Off Christmas With Merry Worship

Should Christians Be Poor and Homeless Like Jesus?

Have Christians Missed the Heart of Christmas Entirely?

Samuel Rodriguez: Prophetic Mantles of Promotion Are Coming for the People of God

Bill Hamon: This Is the Year of Divine Reversal

Christian Vlogger: Women Are Human Before They Are Temptation

Hillsong's Original Christmas Song Teaches the Whole Family the True Reason for the Season

Brooke Simpson Takes Home 'Voice' Bronze After Performing Worshipful Christmas Carol

12 Key Verses to Help You Maintain Sexual Purity

Joyce Meyer's 'What If' Questions Will Challenge All Believers for 2018

Spiritual Warriors, Rise Up: New Anthem Honors God's Intercessors

How This Comedian Responds When People Make 'Stupid' Prayer Requests

Francis Chan: This False Belief Is the Root of the Church's Problems

What Does the Bible Really Say About Justice?

Spirit-Filled 'Voice' Winner's 'Mary Did You Know' Brings Down the House

Lauren Daigle and Chris Tomlin Raise a 'Christmas Alleluia' in Viral Video

How the Tabernacle of Moses is a Prophetic Picture of Heaven

How Heidi Baker and Robby Dawkins Pray for Supernatural Healing

Jackie Hill-Perry Calls Out Transgender Confusion Sweeping Society

Why Every Christian Should Celebrate Christmas

What God Told This Once-Devout Hindu About the Devastation of America

Messianic Rabbi Says Christians Should Celebrate Hanukkah

EDM Worship Team Reaches Europe's Youth for Jesus

Joshua Harris: Why I Was Wrong When I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Should Christians Think Twice Before Watching the Latest 'Star Wars'?

Christian Pop Star Appeals to Heaven to 'Fix' Our Broken World

Spoken-Word Artist Unashamedly Proclaims the Christmas Meaning Even Christians Forget

Todd White Heals a Wiccan in the Middle of Wal-Mart

15 Prophetic Signs of the End Times That Are Happening Today

Bethel Invites the Faithful to Worship With Classic Christmas Cover

Why John Bevere Broke Up With the NFL

How to Claim God's Spiritual Abundance for Your Life Today

Christian Band Puts Worshipful Spin on This Christmas Classic

This 94-Year-Old Washington, D.C., Tradition Celebrates America's Faith

Randy Clark Proves the 1994 Toronto Blessing Was a Genuine Revival

Christian Singer Radically Reinvents Beloved Hymn—And Somehow Improves It

Lou Engle: This May Be the Greatest Prayer Movement I've Ever Been Part Of

Max Lucado: God Does Not Need Your Help or Advice

Spirit-Filled 'Voice' Contestant Stuns With Chill-Inducing Hymn

Why Most People in Ministry Are Overworked

Chris Hemsworth Just Unashamedly Proclaimed the Birth of Jesus

How Good, Decent Men Can Still Be Guilty of Objectifying Women

Hillsong Takes a Bold Stand for Jesus in This Powerful Video

John Bevere Prayed Every Morning, 'Use Me'—Then God Told Him Why That Was Wrong

What Tim Hawkins Said When His Daughter Wanted a Puppy for Christmas

TobyMac Shares the Worst Christmas Gift He Ever Received

What Every Christian Needs to Know About Prophetic Words

Why the Death of Cultural Christianity Is Great News

Bethel Elder: God Gave Me My Wife and My Salvation for Christmas

In This Country, Being Christian Means Every Day Is a Fight to Survive

Heidi Baker Shares Never-Before-Heard Prophetic Word from Bob Jones

California Church Rocked by Holy Spirit in Powerful Worship Video

Worship Leader Shines a Light on the Secret Epidemic Churches Don't Talk About

Why Shawn Bolz Hates 'Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin'

How to Rediscover Wonder and Awe for God's Word

David Crowder Leads Thousands of Millennials to Raise a Rocking 'Hallelujah'

Bill Hamon: God Will Expose the Haughty, Corrupt Leaders in His Church

Why This Bible Teacher Says Christians Should Never Use Violence

Atheist Joaquin Phoenix Plays Jesus in Controversial New Hollywood Film

Chonda Pierce: What Your Children's Birth Order Says About Them

William McDowell Demands, 'Spirit, Break Out!'

Francis Chan Issues Challenge to Church: Stop Idolizing Your Families

Megachurch Stages Elaborate Original Christmas Musical

Will 'All Hail King Jesus' Become the Next Worship Anthem?

Joyce Meyer: When Giving Someone a Bible Verse Is Inappropriate

Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Her Testimony, Says God's Promises Are True

Lauren Daigle Puts Acoustic Spin on Modern Hymn

A Funny Thing Happened to Jonathan Cahn on the Way to Philadelphia

Jackie Hill-Perry: The Absolute Best Way to Resist Temptation to Sin

The Nativity Comes to Life in This Stunning Animated Video

Married Christian Singers Mash Up These Two Worship Classics in Stunning Viral Video

Should Christians Skip Disney's New Death-Celebrating Movie?

Why You Could Profess Jesus' Name With Your Mouth But Still Be an Unbeliever

Why Ancient Pagan Rituals Should Matter to Christians

Ex New-Age Expert: The Truth About Alien Encounters

The Surprising Way You May Be Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

What If Pastors Held Football-Style Press Conferences After Every Sermon?

Elevation Worship Gives God Gratitude in Stunning Live Performance

Why We Should Never Be Scoffers of the Prophetic

Bethel Singers' Spontaneous Holy Spirit Worship Will Blow You Away

The Thanksgiving Video That's Sure to Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Tasha Cobbs' Soulful Gospel Medley Will Take You to Church

Randy Clark Delivers the 'Most Bizarre' Word of Knowledge of His Entire Career

One of the Bible's Greatest Stories Is About to Overwhelm Hollywood

What Jesus Really Meant When He Said 'The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail'

Prominent Baptist Matt Chandler: I Believe the Holy Spirit's Signs and Wonders Are For Today

The Biblical Inspiration Behind Denzel Washington's Newest Character

How Cedric the Entertainer Uses Faith in His Comedy

Francis Chan: Our Movement Will Die Unless We Do This One Thing

When It's Dangerous for Christians to Use Tinder—and When It's OK

How Hillsong's All-Millennial Worship Team Hears Christ's Voice Above the Noise

Bill Johnson: This Trap Will Keep You From Your God-Given Potential

John Paul Jackson Breaks Down What You Should Actually Know About Your Dreams

MercyMe Declares 1 John 4 Truth in Viral Video

Prophetic Word: This Obvious Mark Reveals Who Has a Religious Spirit

Why Kari Jobe Cried the First Time She Heard This Song

7 Questions Every Christian Should Ask When Reading the Bible

Christian Pop Star Tells Women They Are Created Beautiful by God

Meet the Women Who Have Risked Everything to Bring Hope to the Hopeless

TobyMac Shares the Incredible Prayer That Inspired His Hit Song

Why Your View of Heaven May Be Based on Plato, Not the Bible

Sean Feucht: This Prophetic Word Brought an ISIS Assassin to Jesus

The Very First Prophecy the Lord Ever Gave

Meet the Christian Rapper Who Became the Best-Selling Artist in the Nation

Sid Roth Guest: Jesus Wants You to Hear What He Told Me in Heaven

The Real Mystery Is Whether Christians Should See This Film

Hillsong United Brings Jesus' Freedom and Hope to Packed Miami Concert

Limbless Evangelist Shares How He Overcame the Lies of the World

Kyle Winkler: The Biblical Secret to Supernatural Vindication

Phil Wickham Performs His Biggest Hit Live in Concert

This Pastor's Wife Got Pregnant From an Affair—But God Saved Her Marriage

Charismatic Pastor: Why You Might Be Able to Follow Jesus and Be Gay

Kim Walker-Smith and John Mark McMillan Unite Live to Sing 'How He Loves'

Comedian: Why Being Jesus' Younger Brother Would Be Awful

Ravi Zacharias: The Only Thing That Can Stop the Boomerang of Sin and Revenge

Sutherland Springs Pastor Finally Speaks Out

J. Lee Grady: 5 Women Who Dealt Lethal Blows to the Enemy

Why One of Pro Wrestling's Greatest Villains Left It All Behind to Follow God

Dream Interpretation, Revelation and Application Are Not the Same Thing

Shawn Bolz: The Key to Getting Over Your Unbelief

How VeggieTales' Creator Lost Sight of God and Lost Control of His Own Company

You Can Get Breakthrough Today—But It'll Cost You Your Most Precious Asset

How Do We Account for Errors in the New Testament?

Why Christians Should Think Twice Before Seeing 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Bethel's Modern Interpretation of 'It Is Well' Goes Viral

Francis Chan: Why International Leaders Are Grieving for the American Church

Heidi Baker Shares Radical Testimony of How the Holy Spirit Fell on Her

Kari Jobe Joins Husband On-Stage to Declare Eternal Devotion to Jesus

Cindy Jacobs Prophesies to Russian Christians They Will Overcome Satan's Dividing Tactics

Tony Evans: Faith Alone Will Not Make You a Disciple

Tim Hawkins: Why Do Christians Ask God to Bless Junk Food?

Why Is This Christian Music Icon in Space for His New Song?

Worship Star: Revival Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Cracking the Key to God's Secret Messages

Todd White: God Isn't Afraid of Muslims, So Why Are His People?

Will This Viral Club Music Take Over Christian Worship?

Did You Know Billy Graham Gave This Dying Celebrity His Personal Bible?

Mike Bickle: IHOPKC Will Never Accept Extrabiblical Prophetic Words, Dreams or Visions

Should You Let Your Child Celebrate Halloween?

Samuel Rodriguez: How to Go From Spiritual Drought to Abundant Rain

Why Christians Shouldn't See Racial Issues as 'Us' vs. 'Them'

Don't Miss Kim Walker-Smith's Epic, 11-Minute Worship Tour de Force

Bill Johnson: Stop Praying for God to Bind the Devil

Jentezen Franklin Explains 'Leper Worship'—and Why Today's Church Needs to Break Out in It

Matthew West Calls Church to James 2:17 Action

What Happened When Chonda Pierce Got to Interview an Australian Worship Leader

Lauren Daigle: God Will Make All Wrongs Right

Franklin Graham and the Harlem Globetrotters Are Teaming Up for a Christmas Miracle

Bethel Preacher: The 'Shalom' Word That Healed a Young Girl of Severe Autism

Christian Pop Star: Your Prayers Can Break Spiritual Strongholds

Why Job's Restoration Was Not a Reward

Jackie Hill-Perry: The Biggest Thing Christians Don't Understand About LGBT People

Randy Clark and Heidi Baker Predict a 'Second Wave' of Revival to Hit the World

How to Know if Your Dream Last Night Was From God

Beautiful Rendition of 'Lord I Need You' Will Move You to Worship

7 End-Times Prophetic Signs Converging in This Season

John Crist: If Mission Trip Leaders Were Honest

Famous Bible Character Storms Into Cinemas in 2018

Todd White: This Spiritual Discipline Is a Lost Art in the Church

Get a Sneak Peek Inside the Museum of the Bible

Needtobreathe Performs Spiritual Warfare Song Live on Jimmy Fallon's Stage

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