If the Book of Galatians was written to be easily understood, why do we have so much trouble understanding it?

The Bible is the most powerful book ever to be written.

The Bible was written by the most gifted author ever.

The Bible was written so that it would be understood by everyone,

If all of the above is true, then why do books like Galatians seem so difficult for many to understand?

One of the key reasons we struggle to understand the Bible's simple message to us is that we read it out of context. In his book Galatians in Context, Rabbi Eric Tokajer helps the reader reestablish the context intended by the author and helps restore its simplicity, which results in each reader having a clearer understanding of the message that the author intended.

Galatians in Context helps the reader understand each verse in the context of the verse itself, the chapter the verse is in, the book the chapter is a part of, the books related to the chapter, and the Bible in its fullness. This is a great tool for those who want to understand the book of Galatians - from the brand new believer to the Biblical scholar.

Keep watching for the release of Colossians, Romans, Hebrews, and Epesians in Context!

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