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How to Take Back Your Territory

The devil bombards you with one crisis after another so that you will give up. You must learn to fight back. Here's how. 

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Why Do So Many Churchgoers Have Abortions?

Why do Christians, many of whom profess to honor the sanctity of life, still abort their children? Abortion can and should be eradicated from Christian churches. But what is the answer?


8 Myths About Male Authority

Much of the current societal norms are a reaction to a perverted idea of God-given male authority. Pastor Joel Hunter helps us understand the authority God gives men. 


Another View of the Prosperity Gospel

Jesus focused on the joy of giving, not on the promise of return. Yet what some ministers teach today about money often encourages greed.

How to Break a Mental Stronghold

Satan erects every stronghold he can in our minds to keep us from the true knowledge of God. To the degree that he is successful, we will not enjoy an intimate relationship with the Lord. Learn to avoid this trap. 

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Billy Graham: America Needs Our Prayers More Than Ever

Billy Graham says he has been praying fervently for a fresh spiritual awakening in America. Now he's asking America to pray as he sets out to bring the gospel of Christ to a media-centric generation.


The Key to True Power

Jesus overturned every worldly idea about power when He introduced the concept of servant leadership.

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