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Hearing God

To Hear God, Get Near God

If you're going to have an intimate relationship with your Lord and Savior, here's what you've got to do.

Do you know of any churches that have become boring and fruitless?

5 Signs of a Dying Church

A healthy church should experience seasons of growth, but even cults generate large numbers of followers. Here are 5 simple ways to gauge the health of a church as well as a believer.

Pharaoh identified with only one way to expand his kingdom: brick-by-brick.

Part 3: A Pharaoh in the Church

The Egyptian system of old is done. In part three of a three-part series, John Burton tells us how the church can apostolically move into a place of intercession, life and freedom.

Modern-Day Resurrections: Are They Real?

The fall releases of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Touching Heaven come amid reports of hundreds of modern-day resurrections that will soon receive renewed attention throughout the world
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