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George O. Wood

How Psalms Can Help Those Struggling With Depression

Depression can make life seem not worth living and give Christians added guilt for having it. George O. Wood answers the question: How do we capture the psalmist's final word of trusting the Lord?

Drenda Keesee on couch

Drenda Keesee Challenges Women Through Media

Drenda Keesee is using the media to help women discover their God-given potential. Her new weekly program Drenda is broadcast on numerous national TV networks like the ABC Family Channel.

Michael Brown headshot

The Contemporary Gospel of Me

The contemporary gospel—which is really no gospel at all—starts with me and tells me what God can do to please me.

Iceland residents sense revival in Reykjavik

Icelanders Sense Revival in Reykjavik

It started off as a few souls responding at the end of Franklin Graham’s gospel message and turned into throngs of people flooding the stage, elbow-to-elbow, hundreds of people packed in, aisles backed up.

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