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Mark Driscoll

Why the 'New' Tolerance Is Actually Intolerant

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, Mark Driscoll came face-to-face with the new definition of tolerance, which is dramatically different from the old one. Find out what the differences are.

Bruce Van Natta

Supernatural Encounters With God

Watch videos of Bruce Van Natta and Dr. Reggie Anderson sharing supernatural encounters they've had with Jesus' presence, protection and provision

Rod Parsley

Why a Hunger for Evangelism Is Important

If someone asked you about Jesus, could you lead them to salvation in Christ Jesus? Rod Parsley explains why evangelism is so necessary. 

Path in the woods

What Psalm 23 Reveals About God's Character

The revelation of Psalm 23 filled David with confidence in God—for good reason. Gloria Copeland believes the chapter reveals what God wants to do for us here on earth.


When a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Howls for Help

Last week, Jennifer LeClaire exposed the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing project. "Wolf" responded with a howl and a bite, showing signs that this lost soul suffered spiritual abuse at the hands of controlling shepherds. 

Hand raised

The Key to Receive God's Healing Power

Our religious traditions imply God demands perfection in order to bless us. Not so. We should come to understand one thing, says Gloria Copeland.

Tattooed man

What Do Christians Look Like?

Do you wince at the college student with blue hair in the back pew? Or the tattooed biker in the church lobby? You could be blocking the work of the Holy Spirit and not even know it.

Supernatural graphic

How to Get Caught Up in His Glory

Momentary encounters with the Lord are wonderful, but we can dwell in His glory all the time. Find out how prophetic revivalist Matt Sorger says it's possible. 

Praying hands on Bible

4 Ways God Shows His Love for Us

Paul wanted us to comprehend four precious dimensions of the love of Jesus. Find out what they are and how they apply to your life.

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