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10 Ideas Church People Hold About Church

Many Christians hold different views of what the church actually is. Joseph Mattera shares the most popular concepts he has observed regarding how believers define the church.

AG General Council

AG Opens 7:14 Prayer Room During 55th General Council

Attendees of AG's 55th General Council next month will be able to pray at stations that focus on finances, healing, family and spiritual direction. Find out how to take part in this special opportunity.

How Prophetic Worship Can Shape a Nation

One of Brazil’s best-known worship leaders explains why prophetic, evangelistic worship now dominates her nation’s airwaves and draws millions into its streets.

Mentoring 101

Here are 20 tips from women currently in apostolic leadership that will help make your journey to full-time ministry a successful one.

Dr. Michael Brown

God Is Not Threatened by Your Honest Questions

God is not threatened by our honest questions, especially when it is our faith in His goodness that causes us to ask those questions. If the questions come from a sincere heart, He welcomes them. Send your questions to Dr. Michael Brown.

What Revival Sounds Like

Former delirious? frontman Martin Smith's front-row seat to today’s global revival of worship has taught him lessons far beyond music. 


Keys to Defeating the Devil

God opened up a whole new way of looking at spiritual warfare for Joyce Meyer when He challenged her to observe how Jesus dealt with the devil. Find out what she learned. 


7 Demons That Attack the Church

When we begin to look at the seven churches described in the Book of Revelation, we discover specific demonic strongholds that can be found at church. Let’s take a look at these spirits.

With Healing in His Wings

Our worship, when it begins in the heart of God, cannot help but inspire healing. Here's how. 

Learn to Adjust to the Holy Spirit

Adjusting to the Holy Spirit is not easy. The question is, how far are you and I prepared to go in developing an acute sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's ways? 

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