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Married to the Divine

What mystery, marriage and materialism have to do with our response to God’s divine nature

Worship to Go

How true worship compels us to go into the darkest corners of the world with the light of Jesus

To Declare His Word

Why Scripture-based declaration in worship can bring unity and change the atmosphere


God's Sword Will Come Against the Powers of Hell

Let My faithful servants rejoice in My protection, for I take great delight in My people, and I crown their faithfulness with victory. Don't forget who fights the battle for you. 

Joseph Mattera

8 Signs of 'Hypergrace' Churches

Messages from some pastor's pulpits have morphed from theology to therapy to motivational speaking instead of preaching. Now the hypergrace movement is in full effect. Find out how to recognize the error.

Have You Been Fooled by the Jezebel Deception?

Many in the body of Christ seem ignorant as to who Jezebel really is, how the spirit of Jezebel manifests and how to overcome this ancient foe. Jennifer LeClaire gives us insight into how Jezebel decieves Spirit-filled churchgoers. 

The Truth About Yielding to Christ

Knowing your areas of giftedness is important, but what matters more to God is your yieldedness. Are you really yeiled to Christ? Find out. 

5 Things to Do When You Fail

Here is a five-part action strategy to help you face your failures and use them to grow spiritually.

Claim Salvation for You and Your Family

If a man just introduced to the faith could receive the promise of salvation for his family, how much more those who have fought the good fight of faith for years.


Characteristics of Spirit-Baptized Christians

Your Christian witness and life of faith demonstrated by the power of the Holy Spirit could be the very things that cause others to want what you have. Here are ways to know if you are Spirit-baptized. 


5 Signs of a Solid Spiritual Covering

You need the added protection that a solid spiritual covering can bring to your life. Here are a few benchmarks to look for whenever you consider connecting with a local church, denomination or ministerial fellowship.


7 Steps to Find True Prosperity

You may be drowning in debt or just tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Here are seven biblical principles that will help you find true prosperity.

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