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Guillermo Maldonaldo

WATCH: Supernatural Prayers to Change Your Life

Guillermo Maldonaldo has taught thousands to walk in supernatural miracles. Now, on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, he teaches you, with some powerful prayers that just might change your life.

How You Can Make God Smile

The Bible is clear that we need faith to please God. So how do we develop the kind that makes His day?

Praying hands

The Powerful Privilege of Prayer

The privilege of prayer is the flagship proof that God created man to participate in His kingdom agenda and not just dangle from His fingers like a puppet. Beth More shares more on why God invites us into relationship with Him.


The Dangerous Temptation of Trying to Know the Future

It can be tempting to want to know for certain what lies ahead, particularly in times of stress, but oftentimes God uses that uncertainty to grow us and our faith. George O. Wood points to King David as an example of how to pray and grow in these times.


The Eternally Fatal Dangers of Success

Far too many Christians have fallen into the danger of supplanting accomplishment for peace. George O. Wood identifies the pitfalls and shows you how to avoid them.

Jonathan Cahn

WATCH: The Mystery of the Alpha Stone

Jonathan Cahn offers an incredible teaching on the prophetic ties between beginnings and endings in the Old Testament, the New Testament and today. Watch and be filled!

The Final Sign of the Messiah's Return

The union of Jew and Gentile—both spiritual and physical—affects the future of Israel and every believer. Find out why, and how it might be almost here.

Jerry Johnston

4 Scriptural Levels of Demonic Spirits

Jerry Johnston speaks on Ephesians 6:12 and how the minute you start living as a Christian, you are engaging in spiritual warfare. Learn how to be armed and anchored against spiritual warfare.

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