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Claim Salvation for You and Your Family

If a man just introduced to the faith could receive the promise of salvation for his family, how much more those who have fought the good fight of faith for years.


Characteristics of Spirit-Baptized Christians

Your Christian witness and life of faith demonstrated by the power of the Holy Spirit could be the very things that cause others to want what you have. Here are ways to know if you are Spirit-baptized. 


5 Signs of a Solid Spiritual Covering

You need the added protection that a solid spiritual covering can bring to your life. Here are a few benchmarks to look for whenever you consider connecting with a local church, denomination or ministerial fellowship.


7 Steps to Find True Prosperity

You may be drowning in debt or just tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Here are seven biblical principles that will help you find true prosperity.


7 Ways to Know Who You Are in Christ

Watch out. If you're not careful, these seven identity killers will keep you from realizing your purpose in life and identity in Christ.


How Divine Mercy Flows to Your Offspring

God honors parents who serve Him. If He did it for David’s seed, He will do it for ours. Find out how God’s mercy and glory will overflow in their lives.


Are You Running From Nineveh?

Like Jonah, many of us struggle to embrace God's will for our lives. Don't let reluctance prevent you from fulfilling His purpose.


Don't Let the Devil Stop Your Future

If you want to achieve everything God plans for you, don't let the devil-or your past-hold you back. Here's how to press, push and pursue God's plan for you. 

Rekindle the Passion of Spiritual Intimacy

We will never experience the true fire of the Holy Spirit without close fellowship with Him. Here's how to rekindle the passion of spiritual intimacy.


His Word and His Power Are All You Need

When the rubber meets the road, do you truly believe that God's word and power is all you need? Pastor John Eckhart shares what God really thinks of us. 


End the Celebrity Syndrome in the Church

Jesus called His followers to be servants. But in today’s flashy church scene, some leaders have become superstars. Pastor Steve Hill shares the antidote to the Celebrity Syndrome. 


Avoid These Prophetic Pitfalls

John Paul Jackson has learned a few lessons in his 20-plus years of prophetic ministry. Here are some tips to help you avoid these prophetic pitfalls. 

Performance Vs. Worship

Paul Baloche explains the difference between performance and worship and why performing isn’t always bad.

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