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Tattooed man

What Do Christians Look Like?

Do you wince at the college student with blue hair in the back pew? Or the tattooed biker in the church lobby? You could be blocking the work of the Holy Spirit and not even know it.

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How to Get Caught Up in His Glory

Momentary encounters with the Lord are wonderful, but we can dwell in His glory all the time. Find out how prophetic revivalist Matt Sorger says it's possible. 

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4 Ways God Shows His Love for Us

Paul wanted us to comprehend four precious dimensions of the love of Jesus. Find out what they are and how they apply to your life.

George O. Wood

George O. Wood: My 'Deepest Concern' for the Church

Numerous worldviews and cultures compete for attention in the marketplace of ideas. The Assemblies of God's George O. Wood offers his greatest hope and his greatest concern for the 21st-century church.

Woman in field

Why You Should Stop Taking Shortcuts to Success

Looking for shortcuts is how modern society tries to get ahead. But Hillsong's Bobbie Houston shares why shortcuts aren't always better as well as the secret to a really successful life.

Michael Brown

10 Quotes to Rock Your World

Michael Brown shares 10 of his all-time favorite quotes, which he says will rock your world, from well-known Christians such as G.K. Chesterton, Leonard Ravenhill and William Booth.


When Your Worship Leader Can Drink You Under the Table

Even Christians who aren’t teetotalers may have a problem with washing down their Holy Communion with beer their pastor brewed in his backyard. Nevertheless, using beer as a church-growth strategy is gaining momentum.

Billy Graham

Billy Graham: A Faithful Witness

Charisma magazine's 2005 cover story featured Billy Graham as he was about to make his last stadium appearance. On his 95th birthday, Charisma looks back and we honor America's favorite evangelist.

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