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Chinese Authorities Raid Bible Study, Ban Major House Church

"When we heard that Shouwang Church is being persecuted again, [...] and other churches facing various pressure from the government, we kneeled down to pray to give thanks and praises to our God, because we are delighted that the bride of Christ is closely following her husband."

How to Break Generational Strongholds Over Your Family

"I have seen how God has used the power of powerful praying and interceding in the Spirit to affect their lives in many ways, how God has rescued them and protected them from the hands of the enemy."

Archaeologists Unearth 'Suburb' From the Time of Jesus

"It's the first squeeze, which was probably the real top quality.  I assume when the temple existed not far away, that went as a dedication to the temple—thank you, God, for giving me the abundance of what I have now." 
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