How to Release Supernatural Power Through Your Words

The words you speak over others can have supernatural power.
The words you speak over others can have supernatural power. (Lightstock )

I am honored each day to work with Johannah Clark Leach, daughter of evangelical apostolic minister, Randy Clark, who has devoted her life to teaching excellence in dance while mentoring, pastoring, and sowing into the lives of the youth in our community.

It is a joy to see someone so dedicated to empowering others to be the best versions of themselves, launching people into their greater purpose and destiny in Christ. Truth is, this is God's will for every believer. This is His will for you.

He wants you to speak words that empower others to be the best versions of themselves and fulfill their divine assignments.

Your Words Shape Futures and Call Forth Destiny

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I work daily with Johannah, and her father Randy, but by training, I am a social worker, specializing in direct clinical practice. Truthfully, I utilize my skills every day, but more formally I use them by co-leading a social skills group for adolescents. During my time in graduate school, I had never intended to work with children. In fact, I had verbally said I would never work with youth. Adolescents are at a critical time in life. They are in a growing period with many obstacles to overcome, and I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of being an instrumental part of shaping young lives.

Now, however, I view that role as a privilege, and as God has revealed more of His plan for me, I find myself feeling quite rewarded in all that I do. I often find myself praying to God that through my work, lives would be changed and people's hearts would be touched. I have certainly felt at times that I cannot possibly be making a difference, but over the years I have seen great fruit.

I have witnessed entire families come to follow Jesus. I have seen a young person who for quite some time struggled just to participate in a classroom setting, thrive in advanced level courses and attend a youth group regularly.  It brings me immense joy to see people step out in faith, meet God, and walk fruitfully forward. It's amazing to think that this kind of transformation often begins with the kinds of words we speak to and over the people we come into contact with in our unique spheres of influence.

So I want to ask you, what are you speaking over the people in your world? Are your words calling out hidden treasure? They certainly have the potential to!

Your Words Release Power and Hope

Over the past year, I encouraged Johannah to write down her own experiences, which we then compiled into our first book, Created with Purpose. Johannah and I have both seen so many lives transformed. I felt that our stories must be shared to encourage others that when you walk in faith with the Lord and step into His destiny for you, you are not only propelling yourself forward, but you are empowering others and bringing them with you as well.

Just as we feel called to share our story, you too have a story to share. You're not merely opening your mouth and talking about some personal life experience. When it was an incident where God broke in, empowered you to accomplish the impossible and equipped you to fulfill a dream, that story is a testimony, and that testimony carries a unique, supernatural grace. Your words literally release the power and hope of Heaven—hope that your experience can become someone else's experience, and power through calling forth what is possible, rather than what seems impossible.

The words we speak have such power. I really do believe that. I have spoken to numerous youth who have told me that they have felt victimized or the target of bullying behaviors, such as name-calling.

I have been told, through tears, about how they have been labeled by peers, or even adults, as "bad kids" or "troubled youth." Sometimes I think they go on to act as such simply because of what has been spoken over them. They start to believe these lies, that they can never be anything other than a disappointment, but what I say instead is that God's truth should be your truth. He has called you for great purpose, and you cannot fall into believing such lies.

Your Words Release Truth that Dismantles Lies

When we speak light and life into someone, they can rise up, become empowered, and speak life into others.  We must speak the truth that even if someone does something that is considered "wrong" or "undesirable," that does not necessarily make them a bad person, unable to be redeemed.

God is waiting for you with open arms, no matter how many times you turn away.

Recently, I had a challenging time working through some stories I had been told by a young man, who had started to believe great lies about himself. I heard God tell me he was a leader, and I spoke encouraging words over him that he was compassionate and kind and strong.  I encouraged him to unburden himself from lies and believe only truths. After that experience, I recall praying to God asking Him if I was really making a difference. I felt Him say to me, "Yes, you are speaking My truth where there are lies, and You are building up my children who have been so torn down. You are speaking purpose over them.

Your Words Release the Worth and Value of Heaven

Over the years I have realized that God has been showing me how truly impactful knowing our worth in Him is. He has demonstrated His truth to me and pointed out the lies of the enemy. He has made me believe that we each have a godly purpose and identity in Him, and it is my heart, and Johannah's heart, to speak into the lives of others. I encourage you to be mindful in everything you say, speaking God's truth into others.

I make a point when I am out just running errands or picking up coffee to say something positive to the checkout clerk or barista. I have noticed that when doing this I always get a very bright smile. It is God's desire to see us happy, to see us built up, strengthened, and empowered. Your life has purpose, and I encourage you not only to fulfill your own purpose but to speak into others as well, leading them to find their own God given purpose and identity in Christ.

Victoria West Henady is the personal assistant of Randy Clark and the administrator of Dance Revelation. She has a formal background in counseling and a Master's Degree in Social Work. Victoria has a passion for non-profit ministry and volunteers with several youth ministries. She is co-author of Created With Purpose (Destiny Image).

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