Can an Angel Direct Your Travel Steps?

Sometimes angels come in glory, but sometimes they come cloaked as a person. (

My book Angel Stories is full of encounters with messenger angels, guardian and protecting angels, military angels, singing angels, warring angels, rescue angels, and angels releasing fire, healing and deliverance. These angelic messengers partner with God to accomplish His will on the earth and in our lives. 

The angels of heaven are commissioned by God Himself to guard, protect, assist and bless you with all that heaven has planned for you, and the following story proves just that.

Here's a firsthand account from my friend Doug Addison about his experience of an angel disguised as a travel guide in an unfamiliar land. 

Doug Addison's Travel Agent Angel 

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Sometimes angels come in glory, but sometimes they come cloaked as a person. When that happens, we don’t always realize we are in the presence of an angel.  

In 1993, I went with a group of about 20 people to Seoul, South Korea, We didn’t go as a tour group or as an official group of any kind. We went over on our own. So when we arrived in Seoul, there wasn’t anyone to pick us up or organize anything for us. We just flew in, and there we were. 

Well, pretty quickly there was a lot of confusion. Twenty of us arrived to find ourselves totally lost. There we were, completely overwhelmed, and most of us almost in tears because we didn’t know where to go or how to get there. 

Fortunately, a Korean travel agent named Sue, who spoke perfect English, summoned us. She came over and started waving for all of us to get on the bus that was waiting for us. It was air-conditioned, and she brought each of us water, which was great because we all were parched. She rode with us as far as the bus could go, then she told us the bus wouldn’t be going farther because the local streets were too narrow. So she got us all off the bus with our luggage and hailed taxis for us. She handed each of us notes written in Korean for the cab drivers so they would know where to take us. And off we went. 

The next day, we told the people we were staying with, “Hey, thanks. That was cool to send the travel agent and the bus for us.” But no one had done that. No one had organized anything for us.

A few days later, we all were back in the middle of Seoul, a city of more than 9 million people at that time, and we were completely lost again. Some people in our group had gotten separated from us, and we didn’t know where to go or what we were doing. Our travel agent, Sue, was there again to get us back together and help us.  

On the last day, we were visiting a center way outside of town. The pastor who was with us was a diabetic. He had gotten separated from the group and became very sick. He actually started going into diabetic shock and losing his sight.  

As he came to, he looked up, and Sue was suddenly there. She told him, “Your group is over there. They are over there.” Then she kind of pushed him over toward us, and we found him and were able to help him. Sue, however, just went away.  

To this day, everyone in that group is convinced Sue was an angel, cloaked in clothing as a person. She was there to save our lives.

Jonathan Nixon is a producer and director and the founder of Tentmaker Film Company. After 10 years in Hollywood spent working on projects for Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, CBS, MTV and FOX, Nixon found himself frustrated as a born-again believer by the small effect he had on the content of the projects he was involved with. He is currently developing a series of supernatural-themed documentaries. Angel Stories is available here

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