What Heaven Celebrates

Apparently, heaven is celebrating lost things being found: lost coins, lost sheep and, ultimately, lost sons coming home to a loving father.

Rest In the Lord

Literally, I felt the separation from this physical world; yet I had no regret or fear of leaving.

The Josephs Are Coming!!!

Some have been placed in their prisons by others, just like Joseph in the Bible, while some have placed themselves there with bad choices.

Sevenfold Protection

Held within this one verse are seven analogies that characterize God as our Deliverer and shows forth His concern and complete care for us.

Are Aliens Real?

If we hold to a biblical worldview, we don't prescribe to the existence of alien life.

Burning in the Spirit

Joseph Mattera teaches us how to move away from burnout and frustration.

Everyday Discernment

Tim Ferrara follows his calling to share the blessings of his gift of discernment with other believers.
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