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Kyle Winkler

1 Simple Truth to Silence Satan for Good

Kyle Winkler reveals the single truth that has helped him shut up Satan for good. See how you can relate to his struggles, and learn how he achieved victory!

Praying Down Powers and Principalities

Many people go to unhealthy extremes in their approach to spiritual warfare. Instead of diving down that path, try this model the Bible provides us with for effecting change in the spirit realm.


When Evil Comes Against You

Why is it that evildoers love to attack the vulnerable and already-hurting? But even when you're down, you're never out. There is another who has your back, and His aim is true...


2 Key Deceptions Behind Your Spiritual Battles

The enemy is the master of lies, and he seeks to weaken our defenses with these key deceptions. But understanding the truth he doesn't want you to know turns the tables in our favor!

Warriors preparing

Are You Ready for Battle?

It's scary how many Christians don't have any concept of the spiritual war we are all a part of, or how that battle impacts our daily lives. Here's how to make sure you're properly equipped for the fights ahead.

Battle charge

How to Storm the Gates of Hell

In warfare, an army can take a defensive strategy or an offensive one. Here's why instead of hunkering down in our own camps, we should take the fight to the enemy, refusing to concede even an inch of ground!


Good News/Bad News About Spiritual Warfare

The enemy hates you and comes to kill, steal and destroy, but he's got some very real limitations that put the advantage squarely in our court. Discover some of the enemy's key limitations, and how you are empowered to overcome.

John Bevere

John Bevere: How to Arm Yourself for Tribulation

If believers are promised tribulation, affliction and persecution, why are so many of us unprepared when these hit? Bible teacher John Bevere explains how you can arm yourself in advance to win every battle.

Jerry Johnston

4 Scriptural Levels of Demonic Spirits

Jerry Johnston speaks on Ephesians 6:12 and how the minute you start living as a Christian, you are engaging in spiritual warfare. Learn how to be armed and anchored against spiritual warfare.

Tangled roots

Untangling the Roots of the Invisible War

Spiritual warfare predates the Earth itself, but each of us is now called by God to fight. Discover the origins of the invisible war, who your adversary really is, and what he really wants.

Tower of Babel

9 Prophetic Keys for Binding the Homosexual Spirit

John Burton sees striking similarities between the gay agenda and the spirits at work in ancient Egypt and the Tower of Babel. Could his strategy help to reclaim hearts and stave off the judgments that befell those rebellious lands?

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