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3 Secrets to Defeating the Accuser

From a simple Jewish girl to a bold queen who saved her people, Esther demonstrates how to stand up to the lies of the devil. Find out how her story can empower you in your own battles with the enemy.

Franklin Graham

Waging Spiritual Warfare in the New Year

As we begin a new year, we can only expect the attacks and deceit of the adversary will grow more intense and deadly. Franklin Graham shares how he's fighting back.

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Why Celebrating Halloween Is Dangerous

It's easy to think of the Halloween season as "just harmless fun," but the vortexes of hell release new attacks against souls on this day. Find out what Kimberly Daniels believes God would have Christians do instead of celebrate this pagan "holiday."


6 Ways to Determine if You Need Deliverance Ministry

It's time to exercise your authority in Christ to break demonic strongholds hold so you can be healed and set free. To determine if you are in need of deliverance, ask yourself the following questions.

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