How to Rid Your Home of Uninvited Demonic Guests

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Demons can infiltrate our homes, release spiritual warfare attacks and have us feeling heaviness, burdened and depressed. Uninvited demonic guests coming into our home can create stagnancy in our spiritual walk and emotional paralysis. Demons can enter in the following ways:

  • Television.
  • Music.
  • New items purchased.
  • Territorial spirits: local or traveling.
  • Familiar spirits: regional or family spirits.
  • Object attachments.
  • Arguments.
  • Sickness.
  • Disunity.
  • Friends, relatives, visitors.
  • Prior occupancy and establishment.

It is important to keep our home spiritual clean. Spiritually cleaning our home will prevent future spiritual warfare attacks and will create an environment conducive for a move of the Holy Spirit.

Now that demons have infiltrated your home, how do you get rid of them?

The following are steps to spiritually clean your home:

  1. Play Christian music 24/7. Music is declarations and includes Scriptures. Make sure the Christian music witnesses in your spirit man and does not agitate you. Not all Christian music is as Christian and holy as it should be.
  2. Play Scriptures or read Scriptures out loud in your home. Rotate between worship music and having the Bible read out loud through your media device.
  3. Pray through and anoint each room. Anoint your doorposts and entry and exits. Anoint each room and consecrate it unto the Lord. Speak that it will exude the presence of the Lord and that the atmosphere will establish peace for all who enter.

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Pray Specifically Over Each Room

  • Bedrooms: Command all spirits of lust, perversion and masturbation to leave. Command and pray out loud that demons will not release tormenting dreams, nightmares or incubus or succubus spirits in the night. Speak and decree that your sleep will be sweet.
  • Bathrooms: Bind and restrict sickness, disease, upset stomachs and intestinal issues. Command everyone's colon, digestive system and intestines to work properly in Jesus' name. Command a spirit of self-hate, self-rejection, vanity and pride to go in Jesus' name. Call forth as people look in the mirror that will see themselves made in the image of God and feel His great love for them.
  • Kitchen: Speak and decree there will be no food poisoning. Come against sickness and disease and the spirits of obesity, anorexia, gluttony, overeating and weight problems. Pray further and bind the spirit of addiction including alcoholism, caffeine, sugar and other food addictions. Bind and restrict emotional ailments and call forth inner healing for all who enter the kitchen that their emotional challenges, unworthiness and stress will not cause them to find comfort in food.
  • Dining Room: Cast out a spirit of dissension and disunity. Call forth good family relationships where the love of God abounds. Pray conversations would be edifying and glorify the Lord while eating at the table.
  • Living Room / Family Room: Cast out every demon that has infiltrated through TV shows, vulgar language and computer pornography. Bind and restrict a spirit of electronic addition. Play Christian music in this room to permeate the atmosphere. Even if not watching what you would consider terrible shows, many demons infiltrate through a variety of shows released into the atmosphere of your home.
  • Furnace Room: Pray against demonic infiltration. Prior families who have lived there may have deposited unknowingly demonic influences. Demons often hide out in the furnace and infiltrate the house through the venting system. Anoint the furnace with oil and command all demons to go in Jesus' name.
  • Storage Room: Be alert and aware of items brought back from traveling such as luggage. Demons can attach to object from other regions and wreak havoc on your home. Items stored for a long period, given as gifts, or family items passed down from generations can all have demonic attachments.
  • People: Pray after people leave your home that do not have a walk glorifying the Lord or that you feel deposited a spirit of heaviness. Sometimes people leave, and we feel agitated or less joy. You may feel weighted, all of a sudden depressed or frustrated with your time together. Say out loud and pray, "I command there will be no ungodly attachments, defilements or transferences in Jesus' name. I bind and restrict every ungodly soul tie and say you will not activate and implant in Jesus' name."

Now that you prayed through your home and have done a spiritual cleansing, how can you prevent your home from receiving future demonic infiltrations?

The following steps are not to be legalistic but can help dedicate your home unto the Lord.

  • Write Scripture on the walls and floors before painting and carpeting.
  • Anoint each room with oil.
  • Write Scriptures on your entry doorposts.
  • Play music or Scripture throughout your home, even while at work, and keep on a low volume in another room at night.
  • Stake out your home. Write Scripture on four stakes and pound completely into the dirt at the four corners of your property.
  • Do a prayer walk around the inside and outside of your home.

These practices are not superstitious, paranoid or legalistic. They are creating a peaceful environment and stating that your home is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and you are dedicating and consecrating your home until the Lord.

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