The toxic trio are the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit and the religious spirit.
The toxic trio are the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit and the religious spirit. (ddouk / Pixabay/Public Domain)

Whether or not we realize it, we are part of a supernatural world. Spiritual forces are at work in every element of life. In his book Hell's Toxic Trio: Defeat the Demonic Spirits that Stall Your Destiny, Ryan LeStrange writes on three particular spirits that have an agenda to cripple our faith and draw us away from God.

The toxic trio are the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit and the religious spirit. For the Jezebel spirit, seduction is its game as it distracts, manipulates and deceives. The python spirit chokes the wind of God out of a believer. It slithers into the lives of those seeking spiritual breakthrough and waits to impose its deadly grasp. The religious spirit sows legalism and bondage into the hearts of God's people. It uses tradition to limit believers in their spiritual walk and prevents transformation.

LeStrange's book will reveal to you the personal and corporate operations of the religious spirit. He exposes the python spirit's multifaceted operations and equips readers with the strategies to break from its suffocating grip. He rips the veil off the Jezebel spirit that has been at work throughout history to seduce God's people and kill the prophets.

These three spirits each have unique functions, but they all have the same goal: to break your faith. In Hell's Toxic Trio, LeStrange arms you with the tools to overcome their power.

"Exposing the conspiracy tactics of this toxic trio is not just about studying these spirits—it is about setting you on course for a greater walk in the Spirit. It is about entering God's prophetic times and seasons for your life. It is about enjoying the invigorating winds of heaven. ... The toxic trio will fall, and the will of heaven will be manifested in your life!" LeStrange says.

Barbara J. Yoder, founder and overseer of Shekinah Reginal Apostolic Center, says, "Ryan LeStrange has an unusual and unique mantle of apostolic/prophetic revelation. He captures key issues hindering breakthrough, spiritual freedom and inheritance. In Hell's Toxic Trio, he both explains the hindrances as well as shows how to move into freedom."

LeStrange is an apostolic leader and prophetic voice. The apostolic call on his life has led him to build multiple ministries in various geographical locations, the foremost being Ryan LeStrange Ministries. LeStrange moves strongly in the power of God as he travels the globe. His conferences and gatherings are alive with prophetic declaration, miracles, healings and powerful preaching. LeStrange is the founder and apostolic leader of TRIBE Network, a global network of ministries. He is also cofounder of, a media channel created to host revival-inspired services featuring ministers and messages both past and present.

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