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Your Worst Day Could End in Victory

Your Worst Day Could End in Victory

Many people today are losing jobs and forfeiting dreams. But pastor Brian Zahnd believes this could be your finest hour.

The Meal that Heals

The Meal that Heals

Many of us have missed the spiritual significance of Communion. Today the Lord is inviting you to dine with Him.

Soul Survivor

I spent 39 days as a participant on the reality show Survivor. I didn’t walk away with $1 million dollars, but I learned some lessons about myself and God.
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Learn to Walk in Consistent Victory

To walk in consistent victory, you must develop a spirit of faith and persevere in that spirit. Gloria Copeland shares how. 

Precious Moments

You will never grow spiritually without spending time alone with God. Here's how to make that time special.

When God Speaks in a Whisper

Since his voice was ruined by surgery, worship leader Bob Sorge has been speaking with quiet authority about faith in the face of frustration.

Life After AIDS

Two years ago this month, I learned I was HIV-positive. The worlds of my public life and secret life collided, the neat package became a mess, and I was faced with the horrifying fact that I would pay the ultimate price for my secret.

Becoming Global Christians in the 21st Century

Eastern Christianity beats Western Christianity hands down. For the last century, according to the World Christian Encyclopedia, Christianity in the West has grown mainly through births to Christian households--not through conversions.
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