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Charles Stanley: Why Christmas Is So Remarkable

We know Christmas is about giving, yet many of us shortchange ourselves by failing to understand what makes God’s gift to us so remarkable. Don't shortchange yourself; check this out. 

4 Things to Remember When Bad Things Happen

It’s the age-old question everyone grapples with at some point in their lives: 'Why did this have to happen.' Pastor Benny Perez shares four keys that helped him face the "why' question head on. 

Billy Graham

Billy Graham: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

God is still there despite any tragedy you may be experiencing. But why does God allow suffering? In the wake of the elementary shooting in Newtown, Conn., evangelist Billy Graham gives us answers.

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Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Since God is almighty, supreme and all-powerful, why does He allow awful things to happen in our world? How would you answer this question? Pastor Voddie Baucham shares his answer. 


How the Holy Spirit Is Misunderstood

Today the third person of the Trinity is underappreciated by those who misunderstand Him and misrepresented by those overzealous for His manifestations. Find out if you have misguided views of the Holy Spirit. 


Reinhard Bonnke: 5 Ways to Lead a Victorious Life

Why did Joshua enter the Promise Land and Moses did not? We look at five victory factors behind Joshua’s success, all set out in Joshua 1. Have you successfully applied these to your life? 

Learn How to Hear God’s Voice

Prophetic minister Jane Hamon explains how to hear the voice of God. Find out how to distinguish godly dreams and visions from counterfeit ones.

The Miracle at Nickel Mines

Bless Those That Murder Your Child

A brutal act was answered with a radical act of forgiveness by a grieving Christian community. If someone murdered members of your family could you forgive them and go out of your way to bless their family? 


From a Hit Man to A New Creation

How God can turn anyone—from a hit man to a drug-addicted rock star like Brian "Head" Welch—into a new creation.


Thanksgiving Brings Breakthrough

Daniel Kolenda explains why thanksgiving releases faith and faith brings breakthrough. Don't let this day pass you without receiving your breakthrough. 

Why You Will Never Die

A victorious life is available to us on earth now. Find out how to obtain it. 

Hannah Whitall Smith

God Is in Control

We sometimes question the source of our difficulties, blaming the devil or other people. The truth is, God is in control of everything that pertains to us.

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