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How You Can Walk in Greater Spiritual Authority

Are you settling for a half-baked spiritual walk? Learn what key step might be missing that could catapult you into bigger and better things than you'd ever thought possible.

Holy Spirit

Are You a Friend of the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit isn't strange. He's a wonderful, kind and sensitive Person—and here's how a real friendship with Him can change your life.

balance scales

Finding the Balance Between Law and Grace

Some people teach that once we are in Christ, we no longer need to repent. Others even teach that since Christ came, God no longer judges. What's the truth?

Billy Graham

Billy Graham: My Home Is Heaven

Billy Graham has spoken on heaven many times throughout his career. Read some inspirational quotes from the beloved evangelist.

holy fire

The Purpose of Pentecostal Power

The book of Acts models some incredible experiences in the Spirit. Author Kyle Winkler uses the five stories of Spirit baptism within Acts to review this.

Dr. Mark Virkler, president of Communion With God Ministries

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice

Mark Virkler spent years frustrated and trying to hear God's voice. After a 10-year search, he discovered four simple keys that can help anyone hearing the Lord more clearly. Watch him explain these keys and the story behind his discovery.

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