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6 Attributes of Living by Faith

Would you characterize your life as one lived by faith? Os Hillman outlines six attributes of a person who lives by faith. 

Steve Hill

Live Unsettled!

One morning during his devotion time with the Lord, evangelist Steve Hill heard the Lord clearly say, “Live unsettled!” Find out what that means for your life.


A Little Oil Will Not Do in 2014

The foolish virgins had a lamp. They kept a Bible tucked under their arm. But they were low on oil. Do you hear the Holy Spirit calling you to buy His oil?

Dr. Michael Brown

Are You Suffering From the Jonah Syndrome?

Michael Brown outlines what he calls the Jonah Syndrome, which influenced many who criticized him for appearing on Benny Hinn's TV show. Have you faced this type of persecution?

Sexual sin

5 Ways to Resist Sexual Sin

Many great people in God have fallen into fleshly temptations and potentially ruined their lives and ministries. Here's five ways to avoid the snare of the enemy.


How to Hear the Voice of God for Yourself

Have you ever been confronted by someone who said something like, “God told me to tell you”? Wouldn't it be better if you could hear from God for yourself?


Why You Should Prepare for an Audience of One in 2014

This New Year, instead of just ringing out the old and ringing in the new, we all need to do an audit of our lives. We should determine, with God’s help, how we can re-up our purpose for living.

man worshipping

Why I Am Expecting Great Things in 2014

God created something out of nothing and has the power to change your future. Here's why you should trust God for great things to happened in 2014!


7 Promises of Gifts God Gives You

Do you have any idea what God promises to give you? Author and long-time minister Mike Shreve reveals God's desire to give you these gifts that will change your life.

Michael Brown

Spirit and Truth, Right Brain and Left Brain

Can you really have an accurate understanding of the Word without acknowledging the Spirit’s power for our day? And can you really walk in the fullness of the Spirit without being grounded in the Word?

man standing on top of the mountain

Give Me the Mountain

Caleb in the Bible shows us that God doesn't care how old you are when you step out in faith. Here's what Caleb asked for when he was 85-years-old.

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