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Steve Quayle says his most recent book, Jesus: The Premise of the Promise, will likely be the last book he ever writes—but it is certainly his most important. Having written 12 books and produced five documentary films, he says the book—which provides practical insights and hope for God's people during the last days—is the culmination in many ways of a "Joseph's ministry" to the body of Christ, preparing them for the end times. Though he has never held a formal ministry office or been prophetically appointed, Quayle was mentored by many great Pentecostal leaders and has had the opportunity to spread the gospel through his work as a talk radio host.

"For a long time, prophecy was important to church, and then it kind of went away because churches thought that they had a better idea of organization and—in my opinion—compromise," Quayle says. "Seeker-friendly churches were introduced into the churches across America at the expense of the Lord Jesus and true gospel. So in a realistic sense, I have been blessed to be able to go out on the highways and byways on talk radio, and I've been on for 25 years."

Quayle says his goal is not religion but relationship—to help people everywhere fall in love with Jesus again and depend on him through a season of darkness.

"The passion I have is to see the Lord Jesus reestablished in the pulpits across America and the power of the Holy Spirit once again released in the fellowship of the believers," Quayle says. "I believe that the greatest problems on earth are coming, and we're now starting to experience them. Men's hearts are literally failing them for fear of looking after those things coming upon the earth."

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Quayle spoke to Charisma Digital about his own testimony, the end times and what he hopes others will take away from Jesus: The Premise of the Promise.

A Visit From Jesus

Quayle says his own testimony of coming to faith in Jesus is filled with visions, miracles and redemption.

"The only way I could describe my walk is supernatural from the beginning, and I'm asking the Lord to make it supernatural in the end—that the blind might see, the lame might walk, and the gospel is preached, to literally bind up the brokenhearted because there is a lot of brokenhearted Christians who have been hurt," Quayle says. "There's a lot of brokenhearted Christians who have given up on God. And I want to make it clear: The coolest parable in the Bible to me is the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It's the heart of the Father willing and waiting to receive anybody who comes back to Him."

Quayle says he has felt that love firsthand. He was raised in a non-Christian environment and describes himself as a "hedonist" in college, where he became president of "one of the wildest fraternities on the Montana State University campus." In 1972, he went to a Hal Lindsey crusade, where, Quayle says, Jesus revealed Himself to him.

"The Spirit of God touched my heart," he says. "When he touched my heart, I gave my heart to Jesus. I went home—I was living with my mother probably 10 blocks away from the university—and then the Lord Jesus physically appeared to me. It was not in a dream or a vision. I fell at His feet as though dead. ... When I was falling on my face before Him, He lifted me up, and I looked straight in His eyes, and He looked in my eyes, and every single cell in my body exploded with love and forgiveness. I felt the sense that I was in the presence of something I'd never experienced before."

Quayle says that during that visitation, God imparted a prophetic glimpse of things to come to him, but "put a time lock" on the memory of that vision, only allowing him to remember those events as they came to pass. Quayle attributes his interest in prophecy and ability to accurately predict future events as a side effect of this impartation.

"I got baptized in the Holy Ghost in the presence of the Lord Himself," he says. "Once the presence of the Lord left, I worshipped God probably for three hours, being baptized in the Holy Ghost, speaking a language I didn't know. I didn't know what had happened to me. Fortunately, I had a girlfriend at that time who said, 'Go talk to this pastor at the [local] Assembly of God church, and he'll tell you what happened.' That was my introduction to the things of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Over the years, I was trained and taught ... and immediately got in the presence of some really well-known teachers at the time—Derek Prince, Don Basham, Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, plus a lot of the early YWAM teachers, who Loren Cunningham had established. I had a great pastor by the name of Wayne Snyder—who actually was David Wilkerson's pastor in Tyler, Texas—before Wayne passed away and prior to David's passing away. So I had a heritage of some really powerful teaching in my life."

An End-Times Message

Quayle believes the message of his new book is more important than ever, because believers are currently living in the last days. Quayle says he makes no apologies for his belief that the end times is already upon us.

"Men's hearts are going to fail them for fear of looking upon those things coming upon the earth, and I want to make sure people understand," Quayle says. "For example, we have a situation now with a plague. It's my contention that the four horsemen have begun their walk across the Earth, soon to accelerate into a gallop. You've got plague. You've got war. You've got death. You've got pestilence."

He continues: "I think we're a country that is divided. I believe that we're seeing the nation rise against nation, meaning ethnos against ethnos."

Though Quayle acknowledges many have previously declared the closeness of Jesus' Second Coming, he believes this time is different.

"Judging by the fruit of evil versus the fruit of righteousness, I believe America is under divine judgment," he says. "There are people that disagree with me. Fine. But there's more evidence—Matthew 24, Luke 21, the entire book of Revelation and all of the prophecies of the Old Testament—and all of these are now coming into play. All I hear [from critics] is, 'Well, they've thought that for years.' I say, 'Yeah, but they were wrong for all those years because it wasn't time yet.' Now we're in the fullness of time, where I believe what was written is going to be fulfilled."

But as we enter the end times, Quayle wonders whether most Christians today are truly ready for the tribulations ahead. He says many nominal believers will probably fall away due to persecution pressures.

"We're seeing the most anti-Christian fervor, which I believe will prove to be the worst in history, because I believe that Jesus said it would be that way," Quayle says. "He said, 'They hated me; they'll hate you. They hated me without a cause.'"

In fact, Quayle says the spiritual battle playing out even today is the chief reason why Jesus came to Earth thousands of years ago.

"Jesus is the foundation of why there's even a Christianity," Quayle says. "Jesus is the foundation for the new creations we become. Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one, [according to] 1 John 3:8. If you ask Christians why Jesus was manifest, they'll say, 'To save sinners.' No, that's not true. That was the outcome, but he Had to destroy the works of the devil."

10 Helps for Today

Jesus: The Premise of the Promise is built around "10 Helps" or biblical truths meant to guide believers through the last days. Quayle says he received a prophetic download from God while he was in the shower regarding these helps.

"He gave me the helps of Scripture," he says. "HELP is an acronym He gave me: The [first HELP] is His Ever-Lasting Preeminence. ... [The others are] His Ever-Lasting Power, Presence, Protection, Provision, Patience, Purity, Proclamation, Peace and Promise."

The last chapter switches out HELP for a different acronym: HOPE.

Quayle remembers praying, "Lord, what's the acronym for hope? Because—and I've got to say this, Lord—with what's coming on the Earth, a lot of people are going to basically lose hope. We know there's going to be a great falling away. We know there's going to be all sorts of events, as foretold in Matthew 24, Luke 21, the prophecies of Daniel and the book of Revelation. ... God, give me an understanding of hope."

He says he heard Jesus respond that HOPE stands for "His Overcoming Power Everyday."

"Well, that hit me like a ton of bricks, because I had never seen or heard anybody else teach that," Quayle says. "I think one of the things that's really critical is that people need to understand manna has to be fresh every day. You can't live on yesterday's blessing. It can help you to proceed forward. But King David said, 'Morning by morning, new mercies I see.' I think it's critical that people understand that, just as the Lord was prophesied to come into His temple then in the Old Testament, and [just as] Jesus fulfilled it in the New, God's people need to recognize that their bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit."

Quayle says the takeaway from the book should be how amazing Jesus' words are in John 15:15: "I no longer call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master does. But I have called you friends, for everything that I have heard from My Father have I made known to you."

"The ultimate desire of my heart is to get Christians to put the 'wow' back into the relationship with the Lord—to be amazed from the standpoint of 'Look what he's done,'" Quayle says. "Unfortunately, social media isolates people, and it doesn't give them that touch or that human interaction. It gives them an electronic, digital, virtual world versus a real world. And I'm afraid that a lot of people in the digital virtual world will not be able to handle the real world. I think it's been the ultimate hypnotic trance cast over not only the young generation, but even ours."

Yet though the current situation seems dark, Quayle says there is always still reason to hope—and that we live not for this present Earth, but for the New Heaven and New Earth waiting on the other side of these last days.

"Bottom line: I believe when people read Jesus: The Premise of the Promise, it will give them a whole new love and appreciation for Jesus, and it will transform their lives," he says. "I really do. ... Without the revelation and the transformation of Jesus, I don't believe it will be possible for the nominal Christians to stand in the days ahead. It'll take surrender on our part, but also a supernatural move of God in our lives to bring us through what I believe is already upon us.

Taylor Berglund is the associate editor of Charisma magazine and host of several shows on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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