Putting the Broken Pieces of Your Vision Back Together

(Unsplash/Daniel Tafjord)

Only a person broken in pieces will have vision in pieces. That person will settle for a piece of a person, a piece of a vision, a piece of whatever they feel will fill in the blanks of what is missing.

But a whole person will have vision of wholeness. They will only be attracted to what is whole. A whole person has a whole vision, and they will have no thought of being empty or incomplete. So with that, there is absolutely no room for the devil to distract. If you are easily distracted, ask God where the void is in your soul. We look at our lives as a jigsaw puzzle, placing pieces we think should fit. Even if the pieces don't fit, we will try to make it fit. Then when the pieces that weren't supposed to be there fall out, we look for another piece to place there, hoping this time it will make a complete puzzle, only to find that we ended up in a cycle. God operates in wholeness. He gives us vision in parts, but His plans for our lives are whole.

This is why He wants us to trust Him, let Him place together what He has already predestined. Some of us don't think God really knows who we are, and He doesn't know our desires. This is far from the truth. He knows exactly who we are and what we need to fulfill the very reason He created us in the first place. He will bring to us that wholeness. His picture-perfect vision.

Don't believe the devil's lies any longer! Don't allow the enemy legal right in the areas God wants you to give to Him. Call out loneliness, brokenness, distraction, anxiousness, mistrust, generational curses, hopeless, deep hurt, doubt, disbelief, worry, pride, control, people-pleasing and anything else God reveals to you, in Jesus' name! Take authority! Today. Right Now. In Jesus' name. Live healthy. Live whole. Live in your destiny!

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Gina R. Prince is an apostle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a podcast show called "The Keys Against the Enemy" on cpnshows.com. Connect with Gina on Instagram and Twitter @ginarprince as well as Facebook at "The Keys Against the Enemy." Visit her website at drginaprince.com.

Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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