Bill Hamon: The Third Reformation Is Here

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The church has many issues, but I want to deal with the one that is most meaningful to Christ Jesus at this time: to find those who will help Him fulfill His present purpose for the church.

The Holy Spirit is doing the work Father God commanded Him to do. One of the things the Holy Spirit is commissioned to do is to lead the church into all truth. This has been one of my main commissions from God: to reveal His times and purposes for Christ's corporate body, the church. Most of my 13 books deal with these issues.

God has a present purpose for His church. In Matthew 16:18b, Jesus declared, "I will build My church!" This was to be accomplished in three reformations.

The First Reformation began with the birth of Jesus, God's Son. It was publicly launched when Jesus began to manifest the kingdom of God on earth. Jesus purchased the church by His life's blood on the cross.

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Jesus authorized the church by His resurrection from the dead and empowered it by the gift of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The Second Reformation birthed the church, established it and spread its message throughout the world, but the church deteriorated in the Dark Ages from A.D. 500 to A.D. 1500.

In 1517, Martin Luther launched the Second Reformation when he nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg church in Germany. It was the activation of Acts 3:21, which reveals the period of the great restoration of the church.

This Reformation spanned 500 years, 1517-2017. There were seven restorational movements during that time which restored all New Testament truths and ministries that were stolen by the devil and deadened by religious men who were not filled with the Spirit of truth. In the 21st century, all truths and ministries that were alive and active in the New Testament are available for whosoever will believe to receive and manifest.

Finally, in 2008, the Third Reformation was decreed from heaven and activated on earth. Jesus' desire is for every child of God to be established in restored truth and ministry.

God's purpose for the Third Reformation is to fulfill all of God's end-times purposes. I see about 10 things that are yet to be activated and completely fulfilled. These include the gospel of the kingdom of God being demonstrated in every nation as a witness to the lordship of Christ and being the only true God of heaven and earth (Matt. 24:14), the prophets prophesying to the nations until every nation becomes a goat or sheep nation (Matt. 25:31) and the fivefold ministers ministering all truth and ministries to the church until it becomes perfected in purity, maturity and ministry (Eph. 4:11-15).

We are now in the period of the Third Reformation. The first move of God to be activated is the army of the Lord. God has now anointed the church to go on the offensive like Joshua and his Israeli army did when they entered Canaan.

The Holy Spirit is searching in the church to find warriors for God's army. The Holy Spirit's present cry is for Third Reformation reformers to fulfill God's end-times purposes so Christ can return to earth for His matured, overcoming, victorious church.

Most ministers are "maintainers." They are seeking to maintain and preach the truths that were restored during the movement from which their denomination came into existence. But many saints and ministers are called to be pioneers. Ninety percent of ministers may be maintainers, but the Holy Spirit is searching for those who will be pioneers, establishing and manifesting God's present purpose. Peter declared that he wanted the saints to be established in the "present [restored] truths" (2 Pet. 1:12, KJV). God is looking for those who will react and respond to God's call for pioneers, kingdom demonstrators.

The church is about to enter the greatest demonstration of God's glory, power and kingdom manifestation ever recorded in church history. Jesus is raising up an army of kingdom demonstrators and third Reformation reformers who will bring about the greatest-ever harvest of souls.

There are several more things that must be fulfilled before Jesus can return (see Acts 3:21, Heb. 10:12-13). Jesus is waiting for His church to fulfill all things so He can return and set up His kingdom and dominion over the whole planet.

Will you be one of those the Holy Spirit is looking for to fulfill God's end-times purposes for His mortal church? When it happens, Jesus will come and immortalize His church to rule and reign with Him over the new earth.

Bill Hamon is bishop of the Christian International Ministries ( He has written 13 books on God's present purpose for the church.

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