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Are You Ready for America's Impending ‘Economic Armageddon’?

The late Bible prophecy teacher Grant Jeffrey believed the U.S. will soon face an imminent ‘Economic Armageddon’. He warned that international financiers and “powerful socialist forces” are working to destroy the United States. Find out what else he foresaw.

new era

Chuck Pierce: The Election … A New Era!

Chuck Pierce says the presidential election has ushered in a new era. He sees a prophetic intercessory movement forming that will cause America to shift into Kingdom alignment.

Last Days Fever

Last Days Fever

Some Christians say the world is coming to an end. Others reject that fear. What can we know for sure about the end times?

fig tree

The Fig Tree Is in Bloom

What God has done through the modern creation of Israel in 1948 is nothing short of a miracle of Bible prophecy.

Bible book of Revelation

Through a Glass Darkly

For centuries Christians have held very different eschatological views. Here are the primary perspectives.
Bible Old and New Testaments

A Prophetic Showdown Is Coming

Jennifer LeClaire says just like Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, the time is coming when God’s New Testament mouthpieces will confront modern-day merchandisers.

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