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10 Roadblocks of Prophetic Accuracy

Prophets and prophetic people need to be careful to guard your hearts against things that can block your prophetic flow and the accuracy of the word of the Lord. Here are 10 roadblocks to prophetic accuracy.


How to Measure a Prophet

Before a prophet can accurately walk in his or her anointing, he or she must first be measured. If a prophet has not been measured, he or she risks ministering from a place of deception. Here's how to measure a prophet.

Perry Stone

How to Judge a Prophetic Word

Perry Stone explains three factors that a Christian must consider before they take a prophetic word to heart. 

What Lies Ahead for America?

The Harbinger captured the attention of more than 1 million people this year with its prophetic warning to America. But the book’s ongoing implications should be the real concern behind this profound revelation. If America continues on its course away from and in defiance of God, what lies ahead?

The Difference Between Apostolic and Prophetic Roles

There has been much confusion regarding the difference between apostolic and prophetic function. We explain why today's "prophets" and "apostles" might not be operating within the Biblical definition of those roles. 


Are You Ready for America's Impending ‘Economic Armageddon’?

The late Bible prophecy teacher Grant Jeffrey believed the U.S. will soon face an imminent ‘Economic Armageddon’. He warned that international financiers and “powerful socialist forces” are working to destroy the United States. Find out what else he foresaw.

new era

Chuck Pierce: The Election … A New Era!

Chuck Pierce says the presidential election has ushered in a new era. He sees a prophetic intercessory movement forming that will cause America to shift into Kingdom alignment.

Last Days Fever

Last Days Fever

Some Christians say the world is coming to an end. Others reject that fear. What can we know for sure about the end times?

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