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Open Gates and the Power of Imagination

The Lord is opening the ancient gates of the power of imagination. As this generation is flooded with this anointing, a holy nation will be called together. Find out what else Robert Stearns saw in a recent vision. 

Why Old Testament Prophecy Still Matters

Some Christians believe Old Testament prophecy is no longer relevant. Watch Prophecy Matters’ Jim Fletcher explain how prophecy is not only for today but vital to our future.


The Call to Purity for the Prophet

Purity in a prophet’s life is spiritual at its root, and its fruits will reveal itself in humility and love. These prophets will represent the King’s heart and be His confidant.


Avoid These Prophetic Pitfalls

John Paul Jackson has learned a few lessons in his 20-plus years of prophetic ministry. Here are some tips to help you avoid these prophetic pitfalls. 


How to Respond to a Prophetic Word

Do you know how to respond to a prophetic word? Do you take everything as a word from the Lord. John Paul Jackson gives us tips on prophetic protocol.  

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

By taking a few simple steps of preparation, Christians can not only save countless lives, we can also truly be “salt and light” for the world when crisis hits


John Eckhardt: What Is Prophecy?

Pastor John Eckhardt explains the real definition of prophecy, and it doesn't contain a reference to prediction. Check this out!

Can Prophecy Be Saved?

Most young believers no longer uphold Bible prophecy and eschatology as key components of the faith, opting to focus more on feeding the poor and ending human trafficking. But where does that leave Bible prophecy and teaching in today’s church?


Why Conviction Matters in the Life of a Prophet

Conviction is an important part of prophetic ministry. A prophet must be convicted of his sin and cleansed from his guilt before he is ready to faithfully speak into the lives of others.

Michelle McClain

13 Keys to Receive and Release a Prophetic Word

Prophets can only teach you how to cooperate with the activity of the Spirit, not how to manufacture the Holy Spirit’s activity. Here are the keys needed to receive and release a prophetic word. 

woman covering her mouth

Sins of the Mouth That Hinder Prophetic Flows

Prophets should be especially careful about what they speak on and to whom they speak. They represent God in everything they do. Here are sins of the mouth that can hinder prophetic flow.


10 Roadblocks of Prophetic Accuracy

Prophets and prophetic people need to be careful to guard your hearts against things that can block your prophetic flow and the accuracy of the word of the Lord. Here are 10 roadblocks to prophetic accuracy.


How to Measure a Prophet

Before a prophet can accurately walk in his or her anointing, he or she must first be measured. If a prophet has not been measured, he or she risks ministering from a place of deception. Here's how to measure a prophet.

Perry Stone

How to Judge a Prophetic Word

Perry Stone explains three factors that a Christian must consider before they take a prophetic word to heart. 

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