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Are These the Last Days?

Understanding what God has revealed about the end times is vital, says Tim LaHaye. Find out why.

Leonard Ravenhill

Prophetic Voices We Did Not Heed

These prophets had their fingers on the pulse of America, recognized the fading heartbeat of the church and sounded the alarm. Why didn't we listen to them?

How do you know when you hear a true prophet?

5 Tests of a True Prophet

Respected prophet Kris Vallotton shares 5 tests to help you recognize whether a prophet may be true or false.

Here's why we should stop taking offense to so many things and love and forgive people.

3 Ways to Prepare For the Dark Days Ahead

Resistance to the Kingdom of God is intensifying, and it will not be long before being a Christian in our culture will be heavily opposed. Here's what you need to do.

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