Prophetic Vision: The Army of God Is Being Released for Intense Warfare


Recently God reminded me of a vision He gave me at a conference in November 2019 as an indication of a move that He had begun, its progression over 2020 and its present significance in 2021.

The first vision I received was on that Friday night. I have been in many meetings at this church when worship moved spontaneously into prophetic worship. This night surpassed anything I had ever experienced. However, it was far more than an experience; something significant was initiated by heaven that night and the following day.

Worship began on a supernatural note that continued to build in power to an ethereal intensity. The sound continued to build to such a degree that it became difficult to not be completely overwhelmed and overtaken. There was a period that commanded the absolute silence of all voices. There was just the reverberation of the roar of sounds. Suddenly the emphasis shifted from worship ascending to heaven to heaven descending and invading the sanctuary!

As I was caught up in the worship, I was taken into a vision; it began with Jesus taking hold of my hand and pulling me into swirls of glorious blue—this I believe signified revelation. As I passed through the blue, I then looked and saw thousands of white horses, each jostling to get into formation. A line was formed, stretching as far as the eye could see. Suddenly the scene switched, and I was now seeing the church sanctuary filled with these horses and their riders from wall to wall. On the platform was a great white horse with Jesus sitting on it, with a banner in His hand. A few horses were on either side of Him. He sat there looking, as the room filled up with these heavenly riders.

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The scene then suddenly switched again to an open field of green with trees lining the far side; the horses were again in formation galloping as swiftly as the wind. As they passed by me, a white cord suddenly wrapped around me like a lasso; I found myself lifted high into the air and firmly planted on the back of one of these horses, riding fiercely with this army. Later I saw that the vision was timed perfectly with what was happening during worship.

I then understood that the army of God—the saints of God, along with the angelic hosts of heaven—were being released in unison from the sanctuary into the fields! After the time of awe in the silence, Apostle Barbara stood and released a confirming word to what I was seeing in the spirit as she prophesied.

The following day, the atmosphere and dynamic of worship continued, and God took me into a second vision: This vision began with the color purple, which I understood meant royalty. I then saw an enormous throne with a magnificent and ornate golden chair with one seated on it. It was God the Father! He had a large golden crown on His head with jewels embedded in it and a scepter in His hand. I could not see His face.

On either side of His throne stood a line of trumpeters with extremely long golden trumpets; they were all blowing with their trumpets lifted high into the air. The line of them on either side went on and on, again, as far as the eye could see. I then noticed that God the Father was not seated on His throne; He was now standing. I thought this was unusual, but He was observing us intently. I then saw a large fearsome lion swagger out in front of the throne; He stopped and stood there exuding immense power and strength, His eyes blazing with the intensity of what was about to take place.

As the trumpeters blew their horn, I heard the Father announce: "It has begun!" We are no longer waiting for God to move—He has moved! The people of God are suddenly sensing a rising in their spirits coming upon them and a shaking of the ground beneath them.

God reminded me of this encounter as an indication of the initiation of the move He had begun and of its significance now. I saw that at the end of 2019, the army of God was released in preparation for what was about to occur in 2020—the clash and warfare that was coming between the light and darkness.

In the spring of 2020, after COVID-19 had begun, the body of Christ experienced some holy moments of integration in fellowship that brought with it a new sense of unity between many streams of His ekklesia and a repositioning for transformation into a new wineskin. Things intensified throughout the year, especially regarding the U.S. election, as saints around the world understood the significance of what the outcome would mean for Christians and the people of the world—and we began to pray and intercede globally, as a mostly united body.

The army of God began to emerge and take its place on the frontlines of the battles as we recognized that the world had entered a new and intensified season of spiritual warfare!

Over the last week, God began to bring to light the process and the progression of the training, equipping and maturing of His army. He had taken a divided, ragtag army and began to work to transform it into a disciplined, powerful and supernatural strategic force ... continue reading

Faith Marie Baczko is the founder and president of Headstone International Ministries and Headstone Academy Online Schools. Faith is a prophetic teacher, bringing significant revelation and fresh prophetic insight, to mobilize, equip and strengthen the body of Christ for this momentous hour of history. Visit our website;

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