Pastor Kent Christmas Gives Powerful Prophetic Word for 2021

Pastor Kent Christmas of Regeneration Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee, took a New Year's Eve opportunity to release a powerful prophetic word regarding what the Lord has in store in the year ahead. His prophecy covered several topics, so the Charisma News staff encourages you to watch the video to gain the full depth of the message.

Christmas says he received this word in a time of prayer with the Lord, who gave him the bulk of the message in about an hour and a half of prayer time walking around the park.

"God has felt the pain that's in this nation and in the nations around the world. And the Lord is reaching down, and He's beginning to lift this pain of divine sickness that's come upon us, and He's loosing divine healing. We're getting ready to see great, great things in the Lord," Christmas said.

"Now God, I see You in the heavens stepping out of the throne room as a lion, that God is beginning to pace through the earth," he added. "And tonight, Lord, I believe that You as a Lion of Judah will roar in the midst of Thy people, that God even right now in the atmosphere as the world is partying, so Lord, is there a celebration in heaven for that which is being released by the power of God. So Lord, let Your word go forth as a sword; let it begin to sever the very intent of the enemy."

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Christmas shared that God is raising up men and women who will serve with humility but also intends to loose a cleansing in the earth. "I allowed the church to be shut down for a season because I am retooling, and I am now bringing forth a new thing," he said. "'I am also,' sayeth God, 'removing into My church, for there have been Achans in My house, who have stolen my glory that belong to Me, and they buried it in their own flesh for their own profit. And I am now removing that Achan spirit from the house of the Lord. I had gifts and anointings that I have held back, that I am now going to release to men who have walked in humility and possessed a heart of a servant.'"

And those humble servants will be used of the Lord, Christmas says. "To those who did not give up on Me, but have stood up My word in this battle that has been fought in this nation: 'I am now going to take your seat of faith, and I'm going to breathe on it as I breathed on Adam, My son. As I begin to breathe on the seed of faith that is in you, very quickly it will become a great harvest both in the natural and in the spirit realm,' sayeth God.

"Know this, My faithful sons and daughters; I am now coming quickly, and my reward is with Me," Christmas continues as God's spokesman. "For the next four years, what you're going to see Me do will be so powerful and miraculous that you will forget the pain and the sorrow that you have gone through from the battles of the past. This last outpouring of My glory will be filled with the faith of Abraham, the praise of David, the purpose of Elijah, the favor of job, the protection of Esther, the boldness of Peter and the revelation given to John.

"This final outpouring of My glory in the earth will be indescribable and undefinable," Christmas says. "Everything that I'm going to do this generation has not seen up until this time. In the next four years, I'm going to touch every nation on the earth. And when My glory is released from My Father in heaven, it will not just start in one nation, but it will be released at the same time all over the earth. Just when you believe that you understand this last great move of God, I will shift, and I will change. I am now releasing the fullness that all have done in the earth at one time. To some they will see Me as the Lion of Judah; to others, they will see a Lamb. One moment, it will look like a revival, one moment it will look like a revival, healing of sickness and disease. Yet the next moment will look like the outpouring on the day of Pentecost.

"This will not be controlled by man, and it will not be ended by man," Christmas says. "I am now becoming all things to all men. To one I will be a blessing, but to the other I will be a curse. No longer will the counterfeit church profit from who I am, for I have stood in silence and watched My name be profited for sin and for ungodliness.

"'But know this,' says the Lord, 'I lift My hand off of every house that barred Me from their door, that would not let Me be moved in the midst of My people but only used My name for their own profit and their own moving forward in their own visions,'" Christmas said. "But now this last release of God's glory is being initiated by the Almighty Father in heaven, for the Father is now preparing the bride for His Son Jesus Christ."

To watch the entire prophetic word as shared by Kent Christmas on Dec. 31, 2020, watch the video here.

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