Spirit-Filled Pastor: Church, Wake Up and Roar!

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My heart is burning. We are not in a gather-round-the-sofa, 30-minute-family-sitcom, caramel-candy-apple-eating moment in the church.

We are not in a time of peace and safety. Instead, we are at war with the devil; at war with those who are sold out to him!

The enemy has created a divide between believers of all races, backgrounds and stories.

The truth is that our predetermined differences are what make us, as God's people, so great. But instead of embracing what could be the strength of our diversity, we are fighting each other. Meanwhile, right before our eyes, the enemy is taking our territory.

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We in the church have given way to a "temper tantrum, fatherless, give-me-what's-mine, I-deserve-it" culture, but we are supposed to be the strong ones who walk in freedom!

Nevertheless, most of us aren't strong or free enough to get through the day without attacking our brothers and sisters in Christ over their choice of political candidates—or even over things like clothing, body weight, appearances, opinions, history, failures, jealousy and anything else destructive we can find.

Then, spending all this time creating division and tearing people down, we ask God to bless us beyond measure. This is not the kingdom of God, nor is it the reason Christ died.

Deuteronomy 28 teaches us about both the blessings of God and the curses of God, based on His covenant. If we choose to do the works of God, we will be exponentially blessed! However, if we choose to do the works of the devil, we will be cursed.

1 John 3:8 (NLT) says, "But the Son of God came to destroy the works of the devil."

We are supposed to be completely out of agreement with the devil and all his works. Like Jesus, we are only to do what the Father does and say what the Father says. However, in many cases, we have allowed sin of all kinds to become the new normal instead. We have embraced and even come to revere the doctrines of darkness, based on trash propaganda and a lazy refusal to study, understand and interpret the Bible.

It's as if the church has crawled into bed and fallen asleep under the covers—while all of hell celebrates the fact that the church forfeited the game.

We've accepted the lots assigned to us by corrupt, anti-Christ government leaders. We have completely forgotten what we are and who we have confessed ourselves to be through Jesus Christ. Church, we have to stop this craziness. We have got to wake up before it's too late.

One of my dear Bishop friends and mentors, a godly man in his 80s from one of our great inner cities in the northern US, said to me recently, "Jamie, those who claim to be godly, yet are married to politics, sinful natures, behaviors and fighting over various parts of our history, are dressed in the armor of flesh. They will fall to destruction."

He continued by saying this: "I've pastored most of my life. I've raised up sons and daughters for kingdom service, and I've seen literally hundreds of thousands of people saved and healed. But I've never seen a time when people are so cold toward each other and are even turning on what they know and believe. We need a presence of God awakening in America."

His words cut through me like a knife because he described the things that are festering in the body of Christ perfectly.

The enemy—through evil people, strategies and witchcraft—has turned us on each other:

—We are killing our own wounded.

—We are joining with the forces that hide truth and funnel lies.

—We are coming into agreement with people who make public anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Church statements.

Meanwhile, at the same time, these agents of darkness patronize us as if we are their puppets on a string. And then, we have the audacity to get excited over our false "inclusivity."

Many of the current election-cycle conflicts are driven by Satanic occultism, New Age theology and many other evil practices. This election is the engine behind all the corruption on both sides of the cesspool. (Do your due diligent research.) The battle of good and evil always starts at the top.

Division keeps us—the church—weak, but it makes the people who cause the division strong. It gives them control, for to be divisive is to be powerful. Yet, all the while, few people seem to take Biblical ethics and real, foundational convictions to the voting booth. This means that we, as Christians, are too often voting for anyone who says they will give us what we want, to satisfy our fleshly desires.

But in all of this, we forget what is good for the kingdom of God and its establishment in the earth.

The end result is that:

—People stay angry.

—Pastors are ridiculed for preaching truth, or for not saying the truth 'just right'.

—Churches are emptied.

—Families are separated.

—Friendships are broken.

And such cycles have continued for generations.

It's sad, but so many people shamelessly agree with the strategies of darkness. They turn the other way and never take an openly biblical stance against obvious evil. Then I hear, "Well, the church shouldn't get involved in politics, or in the affairs of America. Stay in your lane, call a prayer meeting, raise the tithe, sing a worship song and let that be it. Let the rest of them figure it out."

People say these things despite the fact that Daniel, the assistant to the king, was called upon to:

—Announce what God said for the nation.

—Interpret dreams.

—Bring correction to sin.

—And expose dark corruption.

We also seem to have forgotten that Queen Esther was picked out, chosen by God and positioned with great favor in the king's quarters to defend God's people and make sure righteousness and justice for Israel were established. Also, what about the prophet Samuel, God's man, who anointed young David to be the greatest king of Israel? God led Samuel to anoint David specifically so David could:

—Lead the nation in uninhibited worship.

—Prepare the nation for God's presence.

—Defeat the enemies of God.

—And bring glory to the name of God.

God expects His church to be His voice in the earth, period.

The church must take its rightful place at this time as the apostolic gatekeeper of the whole world. If we do not, then we fail our assignment to bring redemption to the world through Christ's death on the cross.

We all deserve judgment for our sin.

There's no such thing as "survival in the end" without the blood of Jesus on your heart, and that blood, when applied, changes everything about a person. The blood of Jesus delivers you, sets you free, empowers you, keeps you in your right mind, fights your every battle, goes before you, goes behind you, goes beside you, keeps you covered, speaks for you when you are wronged and ultimately cleanses you of all wickedness. The blood of Jesus does all of those things for you and more—and it never compromises.

Let me say that again:

The blood of Jesus was poured out for you, and it never compromises—nor will it ever endorse any compromise you or I make.

Jesus died to do away with sin completely. He died to annihilate the works of the devil. And His blood stands for something: the Truth—for Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. If you name the name of Christ as your Savior, then you cannot make the choice to flee away from the blood of Jesus, the truth He is and the holiness for which He died.

My friend, we are in a war. The church must stand against evil of every kind in this hour. We must stand in our survival gear—that of Jesus' blood, His Word, His name and the unchanging unity and love of kingdom brothers and sisters.

The blood of Jesus, and the truth of His Word, will transcend time and eternity. It will collect those who name Jesus as Lord, and eventually it will judge those who embrace darkness rather than light. There are only two options available to every individual: we're either in the kingdom of God, agreeing with and obeying the truth of His Word, or we're not.

At the end of the day, like Moses, we must ask, "Who is on the Lord's side?"

And if we in the church are not convicted about what we have become and about what we have allowed in this nation, then the words "I'm saved" are just motivational affirmations with neither fruit nor truth—and we have never really had a true heart conversion.


—If your spirit leaps, excitement explodes within you, and you become filled with righteous indignation over the sin in our land,

—If your spirit eyes open and burn with fire like the eyes of Christ do,

—If you're driven by the power of revival, and not by what's popular,

—And if you believe what God says—that righteousness exalts a nation—and reject the ridiculous behavior of culture and mankind,

Then wherever you are, shout out today into this great country:

"Salvation belongs to our God! And because of the blood of His Son, I am saved and I am not ashamed!"

Church, it's time to roar the call of righteousness over our land. It's time to wake up before it's too late. If we won't roar, then who will?

Pastor Jamie Tuttle serves as lead pastor of Dwelling Place Church International. In addition to leading Dwelling Place Church International, Pastor Jamie also serves as CEO of HSM, which includes his wife's ministry, Judy Jacobs International; his Song Music Group, Dwelling Room Studios; and the International Institute of Mentoring. Pastors Jamie and Judy have two daughters, Kaylee and Erica. Read his power words and subscribe to his free email mini-course, Commissioned to Advance, at JamieTuttle.org.

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