6 Differences Between the Jezebel Spirit and True Prophecy

Many people are not sure how to tell when a Jezebel spirit is operating. (Adina Voicu/Pixabay.com)

In these last days, the Jezebel principality is trying to rule over many nations, churches and families. God's people need to have and use biblical discernment, because the enemy uses the Jezebel spirit to try and emulate, mock and destroy the true work of the Holy Spirit.

Nowhere do you hear about the Jezebel spirit more than in prophetic circles. However, many people are not sure how to tell when a Jezebel spirit is operating. The church has taught many people about the prophetic, but has not generally taught people to recognize the difference between the true prophetic work of the Holy Spirit versus the false prophetic work of the Jezebel principality.

To help you discern the true work of God, I would like to share 11 signs of the true work of the Holy Spirit versus the work of the Jezebel spirit. There are five more, and I'll reveal those in the second of this two-part series.

My theme for all of these tests is Isaiah 8:20 (NKJV): "To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." We must always examine the fruit of every person and situation (Matt. 7:15-20), but we must do so in light of Scripture.

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So, here are six of the primary differences between the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of the Jezebel spirit. You could also say that these are 11 differences between true prophecy and false prophecy; between true prophetic people and people operating under demonic influence.

  1. The true prophetic will always be Christ-centered. A Jezebel spirit, on the other hand, tries to exalt and draw attention to the Jezebelite. Jesus will be exalted in everything a true prophetic person does. Jesus will be the focus of everything a godly spiritual leader does. You will see this in the everyday lives of your godly leaders.

For example, someone with a true prophetic spirit will be attracted to places where Christ is exalted like a bee is attracted to honey. Someone operating in a Jezebel spirit, however, will avoid places where Christ is exalted. They may present a good face, but they will actually do everything they can to stay far, far away from places and people who radiate the Spirit of Christ.

  1. Someone with godly character will submit to his or her godly authority figures (pastors, supervisors, wives submitting to husbands). However, someone operating in a Jezebel spirit will operate in outright rebellion. Usually, this starts with small acts or words of rebellion and grows into larger acts of rebellion as the person gives themselves more fully to the unholy spirit.

So even if someone used to seem OK, that doesn't mean they are OK now. If you're seeing red flags and having warning bells going off in your head over a particular situation, you may want to give that situation a closer look.

  1. Beware of someone who skyrockets to fame in your church or ministry organization with no foundation of service. All godly leaders (prophetic or not) and all prophetic people are built over time. They serve as sons for years before God gives them influence or leadership authority.

However, someone operating in a Jezebel spirit often comes out of nowhere and skyrockets to elevation and promotion, without those foundational years of service in a house of God. Beware of someone who comes out of nowhere and is suddenly elevated without having a foundation of service for his or her ministry in a place.

This doesn't mean people can't be promoted quickly.

The way God handles promotion in the kingdom is often that He will have people serve and serve and serve for years in obscurity. During those times, nobody may know them at all. They are serving, as Jesus said in Mark 6:4, without honor in their own house. God does this because serving without honor develops character and perseverance in a person.

But then the suddenly happens. Suddenly, after years of service, God will promote you. Nevertheless, you will always see godly leaders and true prophetic people built over time. Many mature prophetic voices in the body today say they believe it takes 10-20 years to make a prophet.

  1. The true prophetic will always point you toward godly leadership. A Jezebel spirit will try to separate and divide you away from your leaders. I've never seen this principle fail. If somebody is trying to divide you away from godly leaders whose character and results line up with the Word of God, that thing trying to divide you away is a Jezebel spirit. If only we could understand this in the body of Christ: We need our leaders. They are over us because God put them there.

Romans 13:1 (MEV) says, "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are appointed by God."

However, a Jezebel spirit will tell you that you don't need your leaders. It will tell you that your godly leaders (whose ministry lines up with the Word) are doing something wrong the moment they do something you don't like. It may even tell you that you can do everything your leader can--and better; or that the Jezebelite can and should take the place of your leader.

All of these are wrong, wrong, wrong. Be sure you study the Word about these things. We have to stay under godly authority in order to be in right standing with God. This is serious stuff; so please run don't walk, away from people and lies of the enemy that try to divide you away from your leaders.

  1. The true prophetic will encourage and build you up. A Jezebel spirit will flatter you. It's hard to describe the difference, but let me say this: If someone seems too sugar-sweet with their compliments, something is probably up.

Yes, we should all be encouraging. That is the purpose of prophetic ministry: to edify, build up and encourage. But flattery is not the same as encouragement. Flattery operates by an unholy spirit that tells the Jezebelite what your weak spots are, so that then the Jezebelite will know where he or she can use flattering words to seduce you.

Flattery happens when an evil spirit is trying to use your weak spots as open points into your life so it can win favor, influence and ultimately control you. You can smell the difference. Flattery reeks.

True encouragement from godly leaders and true prophetic people will make you feel the love of Father God. True encouragement will lift your chin and help you stare into the face of Father. Real encouragement will push you closer to God. But flattery will only draw (or attempt to draw) you toward better thoughts and closer relationship with the Jezebelite.

  1. The true prophetic will encourage you, equip you and build you up. On the other hand, someone with a Jezebel spirit will try to make you codependent on them. A Jezebel spirit wants to seduce and control you. Someone operating under a Jezebel spirit will try to keep you to and for themselves. On the other hand, godly leaders and people operating in the true spirit of prophecy will build you up and fling you out into your destiny. The true prophetic will give you freedom and encourage you to soar.

Jamie Rohrbaugh equips believers around the world in the areas of prophecy, prayer, spiritual warfare and kingdom wealth. Her work has appeared on The Elijah List, Crosswalk.com, iBelieve.com, Christianity Today's Women Leaders and other outlets. Follow her blogs at FromHisPresence.com and OverNotUnder.com for fresh biblical insight and encouragement.

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