Prophecy: The Drought Is Over

Let it rain. The drought is over. (Flickr )

As our worship team began to spontaneously sing about the recent rain, I began to hear these words in my spirit, "The drought is over."

The Lord led me to 1 Kings 18, where Elijah was prophesying the sound of abundant rain after slaughtering the prophets of Baal. I believe this is significant for the prophetic voices in this hour as we understand the spiritual climate we are entering and have endured.

Approximately three and a half years prior to this pivotal moment, Elijah had prophesied a drought upon the land of Israel during the reign of Ahab (1 Kin. 17). This king had promoted the worship of Baal and Asherah in Israel and he angered God more than any other king with his flagrant idolatry and adultery against the Living God.

Baal was known as the god of many elements according to those who worshiped him; he was the god of heaven, fertility and the sun. Interestingly enough, he was also deemed the god of rain, thunderstorms and the protector of agriculture. So for a prophet of God to declare a cessation of rain where Baal was taking up residence and authority was radical. Elijah's anointed decree overpowered the abilities of the kingdom of darkness. Do you understand the magnitude of this kairos moment?

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A Dry Landscape Ensued

Elijah obeyed the Lord and returned to Israel three years later, finding the land in famine and a drought. The prophets of Baal were now the prophetic voices over the land and the landscape bore witness of the power of their words and their relationship with the wrong god. They feasted at the table of Jezebel while the prophets of God were stifled in caves surviving on bread and water.

As I meditate on this, I can see how dry and famished our nation has been because a false god has been honored who could not change the climate regardless of his self-appointed title. I can see a different sect of false prophets that has always been present, but they have been underestimated because we have not understood that prayer and prophecy are counterfeited by the enemy.

They have feasted at the enemy's table, praying to a god that does not answer. They have decreed into the atmosphere over this nation what the spiritual climate will be because they cannot produce the authentic prophetic words to release the rain.

But the atmosphere is changing. Not only are the caves being vacated, but the authentic prophets are becoming emboldened to release the decrees that will shift the spiritual landscape to manifest in the natural realm of our nation.

A Sound of the Rushing Rain

In the aftermath of slaughtering the false prophets and in the midst of a drought, Elijah tells Ahab that there is a sound of "a heavy rainfall" (1 Kin. 18:41b). Rain in this context means "the roaring of rain." A friend recently told me that the word "sound" in this passage means, "the roar of a man's voice, a cry."

Prophets of God, release the cry that ushers in the roaring of rain over our nation. The drought is over. A shift has occurred and the demonic voices that decreed and maintained the dry landscape are being silenced. It is evident that there is only one God who makes the landscape flourish and come to life, and His name is Jesus Christ.

There are prophetic voices answering the call to ascend the mountain as Elijah did. They are going to reverence the Lord and to get low while seeking His downpour. They feel the dust of dry earth rushing upon their faces as they pray before they ever feel a drop of rain. It does not matter. Their posture is not abandoned. They release the roar to release the promise of rain.

A thick cloud is rising. It may not look like much in the natural, but it is impenetrable and a forerunner to a violent rainstorm. Rain cleanses the atmosphere, settling the dust and refreshing the landscape. I urge you to recognize the time that we are in as a nation because our God answers the roaring for an outpouring.

Dawn Hill is a Christ-follower and a freelance writer. She writes a blog called Lovesick Scribe. For the original article, visit

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