Jeremiah-Like Prophecy Rebukes Church of America

America, take heed to this Jeremiah-like rebuke.
America, take heed to this Jeremiah-like rebuke. (iStock photo )

For the Lord says to the church of America, "From the least to the greatest among you, covetousness has infiltrated My ranks. Many of your priests and prophets have dealt falsely, running greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, tickling the ears instead of touching the hearts of My people. For these hirelings have healed the hurt of My people slightly and have settled for only a measure of revival in the midst of spiritual captivity.

"Many have bought into the American dream, seeking a substitute for the life and liberty that I purchased with My blood, and pursuing happiness instead of holiness—without which no one can see My face. Having become Mammonites, hedonists and narcissists, many have committed spiritual adultery—conforming themselves to and becoming a friend of this present evil world.  Loving money, pleasure and themselves more than Me, many in My church have unwittingly made themselves My enemy" (Jer. 6:13-14; Jude 1:11; Ezra 9:8; James 4:1-4).

The Jacob Generation

For the Lord says, "Though I am about to judge the rebellious among you, vomiting them out of My mouth and removing their lampstand, I have reserved a righteous remnant—a Jacob generation upon which I will pour out My Spirit in an unprecedented measure.  Indeed, I am gathering a remnant with one heart and one mind that will not bow to the traditions, protocols and structures of men, but instead abandon themselves to My Holy Spirit.  I will revive the spirits of these humble and contrite ones, and cause My Spirit of glory to arise upon them in the midst of the deepening darkness. Multitudes of broken, burdened, fearful and confused ones shall be drawn to the brightness of the rising remnant, who shall wield a sickle to reap an unparalleled harvest of souls" (Rev. 2:5, 3:16; Ps. 24:6; Is. 57:15, 60:1-3).

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 The Hannah Company

For the Lord says, "As this Jacob generation draws near to seek My face in the secret place, upon some I will place an intercessory burden, causing them to weep and mourn over the sins of My church and this nation. In the midst of debauchery, akin to the days of Eli, I will bring forth an intercessory company in the spirit of Hannah to expose and judge the corrupt among My leaders. Moreover, through Hannah's travail I shall bring forth Samuel—a company of prophets whose words shall cut to the heart and lead the rebellious to a place of repentance. For a voice of wailing out of Zion shall be heard in My courts, allowing My blood to flow to the deepest roots of iniquity—bringing redemption and healing to the land and people. For as in the days of Ezekiel, My eyes run to and fro throughout America in search of those who will sigh and cry over all her abominations. Upon these I will place My mark and entrust a spirit of intercession that will release My Spirit of conviction over a defiled nation.  Only then can I scatter coals of fire throughout America, catalyzing a Pentecost that will cleanse, redeem, revive, reform and restore a nation destined to bring Me glory" (I Sam. 1:10-16; Jer. 9:17-19; Ezek. 9:3-4, 10:1-2).

Rob Winters is president of Prepare the Way International, an itinerant prophetic ministry based in Glendale, Arizona. Rob is a conference speaker and author of numerous books, including Prepare America!—Hope for a Nation in Crisis, Turning America Back to God and Prophets and Prophetic Ministry. For more information, visit his website at

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