Defeating 5 Giants in the Land

Are you ready to fight the demonic forces that plague this land?
Are you ready to fight the demonic forces that plague this land? (Flilckr )

The year was 2007. I was a boxer in a fighting ring, facing five giants, in five rounds. Alternating fists, I knocked out one giant per round with just one blow to each opponent. When I finished taking out the giants, I raised my fists and said, "If you are going to take out the giants in this season, you are going to have to wear two gloves.' On one glove was written the word, "Everlast;" on the other glove, "Evergreen."

What I just described is obviously not a real-life scenario, but rather a dream given by God to my friend, Thomas Hall. I am extremely grateful to the Lord for this dream, as it holds great significance for our country—and for me, personally. In it, the Holy Spirit gives us keys that are essential for restoring America's destiny.


Although "Everlast" is the brand name seen on the fight gloves most boxers wear, I knew immediately that it's meaning in Thomas' dream went far beyond a brand of sporting equipment. At the time, I had been studying the life of Abraham. Upon hearing of "Everlast" in the dream, I remembered Genesis 21:33, which says Abraham "called on Olam El," the Everlasting God.

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El means strong and mighty God. Olam is a bit more challenging to define. One lexicon says it is the most distant time in both directions. This definition falls short, however, as God is not limited by time. Olam existed before Genesis and extends beyond the farthest point into the future. He is the Ancient of Days, the God of Ages, who sits enthroned above the timeline of history and rules over the destinies of people and nations (Dan. 7:9, 13).

Seeing the past, present and future simultaneously, Olam perceives the results of an action long before it happens and knows how to deal with the ramifications of events that have occurred in the past. In His faithfulness, Olam uses this unique perspective to redeem and restore people and purposes.

Abraham's Journey

Before Abraham arrived at the point where he called upon Olam El, his walk of faith included many twists and turns. Although Hebrews 11 and Romans 4 refer to Abraham as a great man of faith, he made some pretty big mistakes during his journey with God. On two occasions, powerful kings wanted to marry Sarah; in selfish attempts to spare his life at their hands, Abraham lied, claiming she was his sister (Gen. 12 and 20). Thankfully, God intervened and rescued Sarah each time. Also, throughout their 25-year wait for Isaac, Abraham and Sarah repeatedly wavered in their faith; they actually produced a child through Sarah's maid, Hagar, trying to attain God's promise by their own faithless efforts. In His mercy and faithfulness to covenant, however, the Lord overcame all of their failures and kept their destiny intact.

When Abraham called upon Olam El in Genesis 21:33, he and Sarah had finally received their promised son, Isaac—even though they were 99 and 90 years old! Miraculously, they were also enjoying great favor with one of the kings Abraham had previously deceived concerning Sarah (Genesis 21). Abraham was proclaiming that, "despite my double-minded waywardness and covenant breaking, God's faithfulness is unchanging and His purposes stand firm forever. In spite of my deceit and unbelief, God has proven Himself faithful to His Word and used every circumstance to grow my faith," (Rom. 4:20). Abraham eventually became known as the "father of many nations," "father of the faith," and "friend of God" (Rom. 4:16, 18; James 2:23).

Olam is stronger than our weaknesses and bigger than the breaches we create along the timeline of history. And just as He did for Abraham and Sarah—cleaning up their messes and resetting them on the path toward His purposes—Olam still reaches back in time to redeem and restore people, so that when the time is right, His purposes are fulfilled. Olam sees us through the lens of the great destiny He's ordained for us, and goes about healing our past and correcting our course, so He can prove Himself faithful to His promises.

It's Not Too Late For America

Some contend that America has fallen so deeply into sin, evil and injustice that God can't send revival and restore her destiny. But when I remember Abraham, reflecting upon the name Olam El, I am filled with great hope our nation. The same God who redirected, redeemed and "re-lifed" him, longs to do the same for America. We were birthed out of a dream in the heart of Olam El—to be a light to the nationsand He still desires to see that dream fulfilled.

America can certainly defeat the giants of our day and once again be that shining city on a hill and a light to the nations—but not in our own might. Nor will we win because we deserve it. America will experience revival when in humble surrender and repentance a remnant of believers call out to Olam El, the Everlasting God. He can apply the blood of Jesus to the mistakes of our past, heal the broken places and release blessings upon us once again.

The significance of the "Everlast" glove in Thomas' dream was apparent to me back in 2007. But despite my diligent, prayerful search for the full interpretation of the dream, it would be six years before I would understand the meaning of "Evergreen." I'll share that revelation in my next article. In the meantime, reflect upon Olam El, the Everlasting God.

If you sense you've stepped out of alignment with His purposes for your life, call upon Him, and thank Him for being ever faithful to restore you.

Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized teacher, conference speaker and author of The Power of Hope. He has written more than 20 books, translated into over 30 languages. His first work, Intercessory Prayer, sold nearly a million copies and is being used to empower believers worldwide for passionate prayer and societal transformation.

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