Are You Ready for America's Impending ‘Economic Armageddon’?

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The late Bible prophecy teacher believed the U.S. faces an imminent ‘Economic Armageddon’

In his final book before his death, Bible prophecy teacher Grant R. Jeffrey warned that international financiers and “powerful socialist forces” are working to destroy the United States and pave the way for the rise of the Antichrist and a global government.

In One Nation, Under Attack: How Big-Government Liberals Are Destroying the America You Love, Jeffrey wrote that these “conspirators” are working in partnership with hundreds of “willing accomplices” in powerful positions and high offices in the U.S. and many European governments. Jeffrey argued that multi-billionaire socialists such as George Soros have bankrolled liberal-progressive political candidates and left-leaning policies and objectives, pulling the “strings of highly placed puppets in government.” 

Jeffrey wrote: “They will not stop until they have crippled the national economy, transforming the once-great United States into an impoverished nation with a severely weakened military and no influence on the world stage. A powerless America serves their purposes because it will not be able to resist the movement (led from within the European Union) that seeks to achieve global government.”

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The book, released Oct. 9 by Waterbrook Multnomah, follows Jeffrey’s death on May 11 from a heart attack. He was 63.

A former insurance executive and financial adviser, Jeffrey went into ministry in 1988 with the founding of Frontier Research Publications Inc., a book publishing company. The host of Bible Prophecy Revealed on the Trinity Broadcast Network wrote nearly 30 books that sold in excess of 7 million copies.

Jeffrey, a Canadian who earned a doctorate in biblical literature from Louisiana Baptist University, added in One Nation, Under Attack that the fact that the U.S. is not mentioned in Bible prophecy indicates it will not be a leading power in the world in end-time events. By that time, he said, it will likely have collapsed and fallen into “a state of near oblivion,” largely a result of unchecked increases in the national debt and the Federal Reserve Bank’s “staggering expansion of the money supply.” With the U.S. headed for “Economic Armageddon,” Jeffrey offered several steps people can take to protect their family’s finances from the looming economic collapse. First, people should prepare to survive without government assistance.

“You will need a plan for prospering on your own—without help from Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation or any other government program,” he stated. Jeffrey suggested people make certain their bank savings and investments are safe by checking ratings conducted by Weiss Ratings ( He recommended people invest in gold and silver—the “nation’s greatest hedge against financial crises.” Jeffrey also suggested people consider investing in foreign currencies.

“America is facing a complete economic meltdown,” Jeffrey wrote. “The United States will not be completely destroyed. The nation will survive the coming collapse, but the nation that will emerge from this catastrophic reversal will bear little resemblance to the global empire that we have come to associate with America.”

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