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10 Pivotal Moments When Jesus Prayed

Jesus never told us to do something He didn't do. What can we learn from these 10 prayers Christ prayed while walking the earth?

How to Pray With Life-Changing Boldness

What Jesus says about pushing the boundaries in prayer isn't just startling, it's life-changing for every believer in need of an urgent reply from God.


God's Incredible Desire to Bless You

God has incredible plans for you, but if you never listen to his voice, you'll miss out. Here's one stunning example of that in action.

Man Praying

6 Reasons to Use the Gift of Tongues

The gift of tongues is still very much in evidence today. Here are six great reasons and scriptures for seeking and using this gift.


Prayers to Rock the Courts of Heaven

To properly function in the courts of heaven, we must recognize that Scripture calls us to intercede as priests and decree as kings. Here's how your prayers can help you take your place.


Find Your Secret Place in God

Did you know there is a place in God, a secret place, for those who want to seek refuge? That secret place is literal, but it is also conditional. Do you know where the secret place is? 


Kingdom Prayers to Win in the Courts of Heaven

Most of us have either been taught or led to believe that when we pray, we step onto a battlefield in the spirit realm. But what if the arena of our prayers is something else entirely?

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