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Stop Dividing 'My Church!'

I begin to look at myself. "Am I part of the problem? Am I quick to divide and slow to reconcile the body of Christ?" 

How to Pray for Your Prodigal

Do you have an adult child who has drifted away from faith—or even outright rejected Jesus? Don't despair. Use these proven prayer strategies to unleash a miracle.

Triumph In the Midst of Famine

Despite whatever famine you may have faced, you will live and not die. Let this be your confession in the days ahead

How Greater Faith Can Be Yours

Learn how viewing your prayer results with excitement and anticipation can bring greater faith in what God can do!

Faith to Receive: Part 2

How you pray can be helpful or hurtful to your faith; here are some steps to take.

A Better Way to Pray

You may think your prayers are performed one way; God says there is a better way.
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