This 1-Minute Prayer Strategy Can Revitalize Your Prayer Life

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In January, I attended the meetings of America's National Prayer Committee, the group that helped found the National Day of Prayer. There are prayer leaders from all sorts of denominations and prayer ministries. This year, there were about 60 people in attendance.

As part of this event we took about a day and a half to discuss strategy for helping raise up prayer across the country. Among other things we would break into even smaller groups and discuss specific questions. It was an honor for me to sit in a small circle and discuss with some amazing leaders and hearing their thoughts.

In one of these discussions, the conversation turned to a simple win for pastors and church leaders in raising up and training prayer in a church. These leaders were talking about the pastoral prayer. On a Sunday morning (or any church gathering) when the pastor goes to the microphone to pray, it is one of the great modeling moments for the church. If intentional over the course of weeks and months, it can create momentum for a praying church.

When I was a lead pastor, so much thought and prayer went into my message and other components of the service, so I am going to challenge you to just add one minute to that preparation. Let me encourage you to do two things:

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First, take 30 seconds and think about the content of what you will be praying. Steer mostly toward vision items for the church, as this will engage the largest percentage of the people.

Second, take the other 30 seconds to focus your heart toward God about that prayer time. If people can feel your heart and passion in prayer they will be more likely to be drawn in to your prayer.

I believe if you consistently follow this simple practice it could have a huge impact on your church or ministry.

Kevin Senapatiratne is head spiritual pyromaniac for Christ Connection. Kevin speaks around the United States, helping Christians find the fun of prayer. He is the author of Enjoying Prayer. You can learn more about his ministry at

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